Various researchers have discovered various layers of concrete and, according to research, the oldest form of polished concrete was invented in the city of Jericho in the valley of River Jordan while shoving for a new motor track. The process in which someone mechanically honed, grounds, and polishes a concrete floor to cut its surface and then to achieve a specified level of appearance in each cut is refined properly. We divide polished concrete floor installation into two types.


  1. New floors, and
  2. Retrofit floors.


Heavy-duty polishing machines, i.e., concrete grinder or a machine equipped with energetic engine and blades, are used to grind down the surface to get a desired shininess and smoothness and there are some good polish processes available with Armourcrete for your Concrete Polishing Services Christchurch such as.


  • Hybrid Concrete Polish.
  • Diamond-Polished concrete process.
  • and Grind and seal polished concrete process.


There are various reasons to polish your Concrete Polishing Christchurchsuch as.


  1. Helps in decreasing the additional cost of labour because of a less requirement of maintenance by a polished concrete floor.
  2. Ending the misconception that a polished surface will be more slippery but because the grinding process increases friction and reduces slip hazards.
  3. Provides exceptional durability to your concrete floor because of polishing and grinding process will make the floor so strong to bear all the wears and tears.
  4. Easy maintenance. 



We at Armourcrete as a Flooring Specialists Christchurch with the experience of 15 years offers more services like Concrete Waterproofing Christchurch and Garage Floor Resurfacing.


Now you must be thinking why you should pay to paint a garage floor because according to you, there is not any benefit of painting a garage floor. But before going deep in your thinking please read the below-given benefits of hiring Garage Floor Resurfacing professionals.


  • Provides a protective layer to the surface that prevents the peeling of paint from concrete.
  • Helps in improving the impact resistance as the topcoat absorbs and redistributes the impact of excess pressure on the surface.
  • If you are planning to sell your garage at your desired value, then you will need to give an attractive look to your garage to impress your garage buyers and that can be done by floor resurfacing.
  • Help in protecting your vehicles and other belongings, and many more.


And Armourcrete is in great demand for Concrete Waterproofing in Christchurch because of its beloved and happy customers with their lengthy testimonials on Armourcrete's website. So, what are you waiting for? Just call us and ask for a visit to your place. Our team will be at your place within the given time and will showcase to you some of our best projects to make your journey to be served by us for your flooring a delightful experience with us.