Tmphotographer feels privileged when it captures all the lovely memories from maternity to birth, lovely memories between mommy and new-born, pops and new-born, and many more other memories. With an expert level in Portrait photography in Tauranga, we at tmphotographer records all your body changes for nine months carrying a miracle in your womb. There are various approaches and styles to Portrait Photography Tauranga that we follow, i.e.,


  • Environmental
  • Glamour
  • Candid
  • Lifestyle
  • Traditional
  • Conceptual
  • Close-up
  • Formal
  • Street
  • and Abstract


The most beautiful part of photography is that each viewer sees the photo in his/her way and Tmphotographer wants to make that way a lifetime memorable way because we are in the belief that photography is not just clicking pictures but is creating a memorable treasure of your life that can be accessed anytime when you want to live all the moments again.


We Tmphotographer, being a team of professional photographers in Tauranga, puts our complete focus on our creative skills and promises matchless attention for your new-born’s clip. There are few benefits of hiring for your pregnancy photography Tauranga such as.


  • We can give the best out of your new-born or growing baby


With an experience of 15 years of photography, and this is the evidence that we provide you with the best for your children's natural and mesmerising expressions.


  • We know the best locations in Tauranga


Location is the most important factor if you are planning to shoot outdoors. With our experience of shooting outdoors, we will help you with the best locations for your shoot to create an enormous impact on the feel of your pictures.


  • You can also be in the photograph


One of the most important and fun benefit that if you hire us (a team of professional photographer Tauranga) you will not need to click normal pictures on your normal device on your own. We with our professional cameras will click the best quality picture that survives for you and your upcoming family's complete lifetime and yes you will also be in the picture.


  • We know how to capture the memories at our best


This benefit includes all the important factors in creating a splendid portrait such as posing, lighting, location, style, props, and many more. We have a deep knowledge of crafting all these factors perfectly and we get the best out of these factors by efficiently using these. Because photography means Tmphotographer.