All of us have often come across designers suggesting us to ‘follow a theme’. Sounds simple, right?

But what if we do not exactly know what we want? As humans, we might have different likes, and we may like to contrast home decor items? And that will surely cause a lot of confusion for people who do not know where to start.

To address that same issue, here are some popular themes that one could turn to and see if it will look good at their home.


Minimalist decor

The minimalist décor is characterized by clean and essential lines. By extremizing the principles of modern furniture, all the superfluous is eliminated, giving little space to the filling or non-functional furnishings.

In addition, it prefers sharp colors: black or white, some gray.

Always keeping faith with the premise that the style is customizable, the minimalist style of furniture is certainly suitable for city contexts, lofts, or apartments, which do not have large spaces to cover. It is not suitable for hot or particularly romantic individuals, but for order lovers, well organized.


Bohemian decor

A décor opposite to those described above is bohemian décor. It is characterized by a freedom and a fantasy, over the top. An explosion of pastel colors, combined with a taste for varied objects and wood for furniture.

Colorful fabrics and indoor plants make bohemian decor, a colorful way to express one's personality. An unconventional elegance suitable for artists, hippies and those who want to give a touch of color and originality to the environments that live.


Luxury decor

A style like luxury décor or luxury interior design, it is an extremely elaborate and ornamental type of furniture. Look to the past, to the classic and does not foresee any modern-day outings. A precise style that rarely involves half measures. Those who rely on classic luxury furniture do so throughout the house. Characterized by spacious and high environments, mirrors, and lots of stylish home decor items.

Architectural elements, such as columns, and ornamental elements such as boiserie constitute the essence of this style, as well as colors: white and gold, alternating with pastel. Very elegant and glitzy, it represents a very bold choice.


Modern home decor

To sum up the style of modern decor you can do in two words: sober and functional. A style attentive to the linearity of shapes and colors, with furnishings that have a utility. Pairing is always the key that guides and inspires it.

A style suitable for those who care about concrete and formal. The individual who lives there is pragmatic, reassuring, consolidated. It is very widespread for the furnishing of many living rooms or living rooms, usually monochrome, but easy to customize, with items such as home decor figurines.


Contemporary decor

Subject to different modifications, by definition, the contemporary décor style is now preferred for multiple reasons. Comfort, functionality, and aesthetics are the three qualities that immediately come to the fore. It has its roots in the modern style, with essential and clean lines and lends itself to versatile furnishing solutions.

Particularly interesting is the turning point in a green perspective, where eco-sustainability, technology, and design meet, for a home and a living respecting the environment. A style in step with the times, suitable for modern families.


Urban decor

A style with a retro flavor and urban décor, a metropolitan style that meets the tastes of many people who seek versatility and comfort in the furnishings, without neglecting aesthetics. Here too exposed bricks, large heights and windows are the master. As in the industrial style, the revaluation of the ancient structures is mixed with the modernity of the furnishings.

Urban decor is for people who love to experience the city, without exaggerated formalism and with the comforts of modern life.


Rustic decor

Stone and wood. The simplest and most natural materials to describe the style of rustic décor, typical of cottages or huts, but adaptable also for villas or country houses. Details such as the stone fireplace, warm fabrics and colors, exposed beams are the most popular customizations. Warm lighting and parquet or terracotta floors do the rest.

The rustic decor is one of the most loved for second homes and represents a part of us that seeks relaxation and refuge.


Ethnic decor

Ethnic décor is one of the most particular interior design trends.

Furnishing your home, or just a specific environment, with this style means giving personality and importance to certain sensations, which we may have experienced during a trip to distant lands. Colors and textures of fabrics, carpets and paintings that recall the history of distant civilizations, as well as the use of materials such as leather, bamboo, and wood, which are predominant materials of ethnic furniture.

Furnishing an ethnic-style room may seem complicated, but believing it, once you reach the goal you will be satisfied and maybe have your space away from the tensions of the city. Africa, Asia, and South America are basins from which to draw with full hands, if you are looking for inspiration for this type of furniture.


Remember, no matter what style you follow, you are free to experiment.

It is your home, and you decide what you like.