The internet has rapidly penetrated our lives and pharmacies going online are no exception. With the innovative vision of turning everything digital, online pharmacy companies across the world are working round the clock.

However, whether or not e-pharmacies are better than traditional brick-and-mortar chemist shops is still a questionable aspect.

So, in this post, we’ll compare them both and figure out which one is better in what areas!

Let’s start!


  1. Convenience: There is no doubt that e-pharma stores are more convenient than local chemist shops. You do not need to exhaust yourself while walking to the shop, stand in long lines for purchasing medicines, or roaming here and there for finding a specific drug. Online medical stores allow customers to place an order within the comforts of their homes and get the medicines delivered at their doorsteps.


  1. Checking The Prescriptions: Once the prescription is uploaded by the patient on the e-pharma platform, it becomes challenging for the pharmacist to figure out whether it is authentic or not. This is because people can morph the images or do an authorized alteration as per their needs.

However, this isn’t the case with brick-and-mortar chemist shops. As the prescription comes right in front of their eyes, they can easily verify the safety, legality as well as appropriateness of the prescriptions.


  1. Price: Here online pharmacies win the race. As there is no third party involved in the supply-chain process, online pharmacies sell drugs at a much lower rate, that otherwise would not be possible with the traditional chemist shop.


  1. Range Of Drugs: With conventional chemist shops, there might arise a problem in the range of choices. People might not find a specific drug in the shop and they might run here and there for finding out a specific drug. However, an e-pharma store offers a wide range of choices to its customers.


  1. Time-Saving: With online medical stores, one can just log in, search for the medicines, and place an order in just a few clicks. It takes much less time to buy medicines online rather than buying from a local chemist shop.

Although there are two sides to every coin, online medical stores are way better than traditional chemist shops. As time, money, and convenience are the most important factors while buying medicines, local chemist shops might not meet up the expectations of today’s digital consumers.

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