Canterbury is located on the South Island of New Zealand and covers an area of over 44,500 square kilometres. The area is rich in agriculture, horticulture and viticulture, all proudly displayed at the Canterbury A&P Show.every November. Key to the success of these industries are drip irrigation systems. These highly developed irrigation systems have helped farmers in the Canterbury region improve their yields and efficiency. Drip irrigation systems are now an integral part of the Canterbury landscape.


Essential to ensuring you make the most of your water is your choice of drip irrigation. No two farms in Canterbury are the same, so it’s important to consider the right solution for your crop. This is where drip irrigation systems have become a cornerstone to production.


So just what are drip irrigation systems? Sometimes they are referred to as micro drip irrigation systems as they deliver to the micro level as opposed to just spraying water and fertilisers  over a wider, more general area. There are basically two broad categories of drip irrigation systems: above ground drip irrigation systems and sub surface drip irrigation systems. Water Transfer Pump Canterbury

Above Ground Drip Irrigation Systems

Above ground rip irrigation is an above-ground network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters that drip water slowly onto the soil at the base of the plant. This system is broadly used in the agricultural market for watering crops. Respected brands are Netafim and Parkland and can be purchased from water pump installers and suppliers.

Sub-surface Drip Irrigation Systems

Sub-surface drip irrigation is a network of valves, pipes, tubing and emitters that are installed under the surface and drip water slowly onto the root system of the plant. It is considered one of the most water-efficient irrigation systems because of reduced evaporation and increased yields. Once again well respected brands are Netafim and Parkland.


These two types of drip irrigation are the go to systems of irrigation in the Canterbury region as they enable the irrigation system to be customised with the highest of accuracy, control and automation. They are very water efficient as they deliver water directly where it is needed - at the base or roots of the plant. As mentioned earlier, they are key in reducing water loss as there is very little evaporation. Drip irrigation systems are particularly useful where the topography is uneven or undulating as they reduce runoff.


It is true that the initial outlay is higher than traditional irrigation systems that use broader water sprinklers and more powerful pumps. But the end result is worth it with greater water efficiency and higher yields being the winners. Drip irrigation systems do require more planning and careful consideration should be given to the soil determine the suitability of micro drip irrigation. It is wise to get the help of an expert as these systems require a high level of knowledge and maintenance to maximise their efficiency.


For expert advice talk to the team at Think Water Canterbury. While they have a broad range of knowledge and supply water pumps, sprinkler systems and rainwater tanks, they have a particular interest in the design and installation of drip irrigation systems. They are also able to provide you with ongoing support, service and maintenance. They are located at

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