We spent the majority of the year 2020 at home. At the beginning of 2021, almost all our designs have been outdated. There is a need to update old designs and bring in new ones. Even though design styles change all the time, we just have to ensure that our designs are trending and on brand. The top design trends of 2021 are listed below




while this trend first gained popularity last year, Neumorphism has really taken off in the year 2021. The web design trend relies on flat design that simplifies the user interface so that it seems minimal and mimics a realistic look with the use of shadows and embossing.


Scrolling Transformations


Small animations make all the difference in web design. Scrolling transformations in particular paired with small animations are engaging and make your website design seem more interactive and stand out. Scrolling transformations also help guide the user to see what you want them to see. You can use different colours or scrolling speeds depending on what you are going for.


Serif and Sans Serif Font Pairings


This trend has been seen across various web applications, mobile designs and websites. The use of a serif font and a sans serif font paired together for headings and body text or headings and subheadings make your copy stand out and look visually appealing.


Muted Colours


Pastel colours and muted colours have been huge in 2021. The use of these softer colours have shifted away from the bright neon and retro colours largely seen last year. The approach is more delicate however paired with darker fonts, you can make your web designs look bold while still maintaining the soft, muted colours.


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