If you own a pet, you will be aware of their everyday needs. However, what you didn't sign up for when adopting your furry friend is their reluctance to shift in the environment.

Animals are instinctual creatures, and a slight change in their natural habitat can cause them a great deal of anxiety. If you have to carry your pet with you any travel, then know that bearing the flight fare isn't the only thing to consider. Here are vital things to keep in mind when you have to engage in pet transport services.

Airline policies          

Transporting your pets by flight is a bit trickier than by boat/ship as each airline has different policies for furry animals. Many factors have to be met, such as the size of your pet's crate. You need to be cautious and remember all the policies not to be told that you can’t accompany your dog the day you're boarding.


Moving pets internationally, unsurprisingly, necessitates a plethora of documentation. The type of documentation you'll need – and how you receive it – will be determined by the region you're moving to and the airlines you'll be flying with.

Start planning early, do your research, find all the paperwork you need, and select your ticket. One wrong step, and you can lose your flight with your pet, so be cautious.


To get all the required documentation, you need to complete all the vaccinations and health checkup procedures from your local vet. Plan and start the process way ahead.

Speedy results

All the above pointers can be intimidating for a first-timer. If you think you can do it yourself, then go ahead, but it is advisable to hire an agency to do the work for you. This will mitigate your stress levels before your trip and give you security on your pet's comfortable travel.

Pet travel agencies do all the work from ground transport for pets to air travel and, finally, the comfortable delivery of your pets to you. Depending on what you want, make a choice keeping the safety of your furry friend in mind.