What is Digital Signage

Digital signage is the name given to signage that uses a variety of technologies such as LCD, LED, projection, etc., to display video, digital images, media streaming, and information. Digital streaming can be found in all public spots, transportation hubs, restaurants, etc. They serve to assist people to find their way, in marketing, exhibitions, and advertisements.

There are different types of display used in digital signage. There can be Plasma, LCD, and LED displays. To install digital signage, the advertiser should be clear about the application for which the display is required, the quality and frequency at which the displayed information should change.


Liquid crystal display when used gives very high quality pictures because of factors such as the presence of fluorescent backlight and liquid crystals. The resulting picture displayed using LCD has colours that are true to life.

Plasma Display

If plasma is used for digital signage display, the features are almost the same as that when using LCD. However, the advantages of plasma over LCD are that larger display sizes are possible and the displays can have higher definitions.

Other advantages that both plasma and LCD signages display are that: 1) images are sharp; 2) pictures are clear; 3) the displays are slim and 4) they are thin and of light weight and hence can be installed anywhere.

Some forms of LCD digital signage display have a media player that is built in. Installation of these systems is very easy. They are produced in different sizes for different applications. There is also a wireless version of the LCD signage. Here the displayer does not even have to invest in the purchase of wires or their installation.


LED displays can be used in a variety of locations: usually they are installed over larger areas. They are commonly used for advertisements in business centres as they come in different shapes, sizes and colours. They can be either hung from the wall or from the ceilings. Such signages are usually found in large arenas, stock exchanges, airports, large reception areas, etc.

Digital signage display is more popular when compared to traditional posters and advertisement boards. Digital display boards have achieved better results in terms of providing more advertising, draw peoples’ attention to the advertised products, help them decide to make a purchase of the advertised product and ultimately increase the sales for the advertiser.

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