Christian testimony is the description of the journey of someone's life that how he converted to Christianity and how Jesus influence his life. Testimony includes the lesson of life that helps a person to believe in God. It may be a miracle that happens in the life of a person and all of his problems are solved. Testimonies are very influential for new believers and non-believers due to the changing of life after believing Jesus. Christian testimony includes the problems in life and their solution after believing and praying to Jesus.

You should tell your testimony by telling the problems you were facing before meeting Jesus. What were that problems and how many times you fail to solve these problems? Then you will tell that how you get closer to Jesus. What is the reason that you decided to consider Jesus for your help? At last, you should share the part of life after meeting Jesus that how Jesus change your life. You should share that how is your living going now. Evangelism is the process of campaigning faith in Christianity. In evangelism, people share the gospel for preaching the impact of Jesus on life. There are a lot of evangelism strategies that include evangelism by spreading the bibles and gospel by media or road evangelism. If you want to preach Christianity then chooses the best evangelism methods. Evangelism is the best way to describe your love and affection with god and if you want to be an evangelist then follow these evangelism ideas:

  • If you want to be a good evangelist then pray for others during evangelism because prayer enhances the spiritual attraction. So prayer is the good evangelism tool.
  • If you want to preach your faith then try to share your own experience if the life that how your life changed after meeting Jesus.
  • If you want that other people should start believing Jesus then show them the influence of Jesus in your life and how Jesus solves your problems.
  • If you have good communication skills then it will be very helpful for you to preach your faith. Testimony is a good evangelism tool for preaching the faith.
  • You should share the current situation of your life and how is your life going after knowing Jesus.

In the 20th century, the child evangelism movement was started. The purpose of this movement is the preaching of testimony and gospel to children of 4 to 14 years. The power team was established in 1970 which consist of some Christian athlete that spread the message of God for salvation. The advanced evangelism method is preaching faiths by traveling in far areas and by a conversation on the internet.