There is always this confusion that arises when people want to buy a bed frame. They are torn between buying metal bed frame or the wooden type. If you are at this crossroad, you are not alone.

But in all the years we have been in the business of wooden frames, we have come to realise that wooden bed frames are better options for single people, married couple, and for the whole family. But don’t take our word for it, here are reasons you should choose wooden bed frames:


When you buy Wood Bed Frames or Wooden bed frames, you can have it customized to your taste and design. Regardless of your size, there is always a wooden bed that can be made to meet your requirements. There is a higher likelihood that you will find a small single children bed to king size wooden beds for adults with wooden frames.

You can also decide to go with a hardwood finish or a pine finish. And apart from deciding on which finish to go with, you can also choose if you want felt floor protectors or curved corner legs to be added to the bed for a small token. In fact, with wooden frames, your imagination is your limitation.

Reliability and sturdiness

One thing that attracts many people to wooden bed frames is their sheer robustness and their natural attraction. Wood bed frames offer great support to their owners. They are usually supported with tenon and mortise joints so they can provide a very strong and reliable wooden frame. Dream Warehouse only makes use of the best timber woods for wooden frames, Brass Bed Frames and also offer Cheap Beds For Sale.

Easy to set up and maintain

Wooden bed frames are easy to clean and maintain. All you need is a moist cloth to get rid of any dust that may have settled on it. Just like Fabric Bed Frame, Fabric Sofa Beds, you won't have to worry about rust as is applicable to metal frames. It is also very easy to assemble wooden bed frames. Whether it is Bunk Beds For Kids or just plain wood bed frames for adults, setting up one will not take more than 30 minutes. And our beds come with pre-drilled holes, fixings, and screws. You also have a manual that will help you set up the bed without needing the help of a technician. And the frames come in a portable package, unlike metal frames.


At Dream Warehouse, we make use of solid Scandinavian pine because they are very sturdy. It takes about 6 years for pine trees to grow. And we don’t just source our woods anyhow but from environmentally sustainable forests. These trees when felled are replanted with a new one to fill up the place. We also have frames that are made from hardwood that takes 15 years to grow. But all in all, it is easier to sustain the source of woods than that of metal. And you can have access to our discount bed frames.


All our bed frames are built to last. This is why we take special care in the quality of woods we use. And this is not just applicable to Designer Bed Frames. We are so sure our beds will serve you very well that we are offering a money back guarantee should you not be satisfied with our product. But we are sure you will love it like many of our customers.