What is a Stockbroker?

A stockbroker is a regulated financial market representative that allows financial institutions, investor clients, and firms to buy and sell securities. A stockbroker is also called a registered representative. Trading or buying or selling stocks on national stock exchanges is usually done through trading or buying or selling stocks on national stock exchanges is usually done through a stockbroker.

Trading or buying or selling stocks on national stock exchanges is usually done through a Stockbrokers handle institutional and retail customer transactions. A stockbroker's primary job is to get and execute buy-and-sell orders. Many market participants rely on stockbrokers' knowledge and expertise on market dynamics to invest in securities. A stockbroker can work individually or with a brokerage. Broker-dealers and brokerage firms are sometimes called stockbrokers.

Now let's study some of the best stock brokers of Pakistan.


Best Overall: Abbasi and Company (Pvt) Ltd.

Since 1999, Abbasi and Company are a full PSX and PMEX member based in Pakistan. On both Pakistani exchanges, the broker offers retail trading services and equity and commodity markets and futures.3

Oil, cotton, Brent crude, and six currency pairs are commodities available for trading on PMEX Trades inequities. Other securities can be executed by phone and the proprietary trading platform of Abbasi. Buy-and-sell orders are processed using two-day (T+2) systems.

Limit and market purchases are included. Additionally, Android and iOS desktop and smartphone apps can be downloaded. Customer service is available throughout the day by phone or email. Lahore also has two offices People who want Abbasi's research to open an account on the website and get information from a user manual PDF on other accounts and the market.

Best for Beginners: Shajar Capital

Shajar Capital was established in 2010 and is PSX-regulated. They also provide clients and investors with portfolio management and advice. Invest One (Private) is an associate member of the Pakistan Financial Association, providing a full range of financial services, including investment banking and acquisitions.

Through the company's financial expert team, customers can access a web-based stock research portal. It also looks at stocks held or interested by customers.

Watch Shajar's web-based or desktop platforms for your trades. In addition, you can download an Android or iOS app. Customer service is accessible by phone, email, and online during regular business hours.

Best for Day Traders: IGI Securities

Based in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar, IGI Securities began operating in 1994. IGI-I Limited is a PSX shareholder and PMEX corporate member. He has 6,000 clients, traveling to 60 countries.

It also provides access to crude, silver, cotton, corn, sweetener, wheat, chili, cocoa, palm oil, soy, and IBR (KIBOR). Also known as debt instruments, you can trade IGI fixed-income bonds, IJ bonds, treasury bills, and financing certificates,

IGI offers day-to-day articles on equities, economic data, and commodities. Their research includes 30 publicly traded and key commodities. You can also download the two different versions of the broker's two trading platforms: trade and Eclipse are both found on the website.

Commission fees are 10 Indian shares valued at Rs.100-249.99, 15 shares valued at Rs.250-249.99, and 25% for Rs.350. So that's our best trading day.