When choosing between these options we must consider two things. On the one hand, the available budget and thus the dimensions of the project we've in hand. On the other hand, the technical knowledge we've when it involves managing them. With those two things, we'll begin to determine the differences.

First, we've differing kinds of web servers like proxy, mail, DHCP, DNS, applications, real-time communication, files, printing or database. Simply, we'll explain that this is often often like having “a computer” for ourselves during a foreign location.

Secondly, we've to talk about cheap VPS India, an acronym for a virtual private server or virtual private server. during this case, we are talking about partitioning a physical server into several servers so as that they work independently. Each of the VPS can work with its OS , although we've some limitations when sharing the hardware with other VPS.

Finally, we've several kinds of hosting like free, shared, dedicated server hosting or Reseller. during this case, we face accommodation spaces which are the foremost economical option.

Advantages of server, VPS and hosting:

Not all options are valid for all users, each having advantages:


The advantages of the server in India is to be able to manage it 100% without limitations, to possess immediate scalability on demand, to be able to choose the hardware or the OS , for the whole access to the system files or for having a tough and fast IP.


VPS hosting India is an intermediate point that provides advantages like cost, much but having an obsessive server and it isn't necessary to possess someone with high knowledge of the servers and their configuration to make the foremost of their possibilities.


The advantages of hosting are obvious and can be seen from the attitude of the budget and thus the requirements of the purchasers . Here we've a delegated administration within the provider, 24/7 support or daily backups without having to undertake to to anything. they're going to also support thousands of daily visits if their configuration is nice and costs are much more competitive if searched well.