Advatix is a global staffing consultant providing top-level talents that help in the growth of an organization. We, at Advatix Global HR, focus on attracting and retaining the best talent by using results-driven approaches, proprietary cutting-edge technologies. Our people experts working across the globe, provide our clients with the best talent options, the right organizational architecture, and effective learning management tools to drive your growth. We believe the quality of the people that drive the business determines the status of a business. Hence we ensure our clients have the best staff and effective business structure that can help the business grow into a leading business in the market. If you are looking for a best-recruiting consultant, we are the right choice.


With the help of our Customized Talent Acquisition software like “Sena”, we provide the candidates suitable for the growth of our client. Unlike the traditional Applicant tracking system, Sena is a unique, and innovative recruiting application. It uses a dynamic dashboard that provides real-time candidate progress and “performance results” in the categories that are most important to improve your recruiting results. With the least average “time to fill “ in the industry and hands-on approach, we adjust more quickly to ensure the top candidates meet you first!


We provide services like developing organizational structures, drafting job descriptions, designing benefit strategies, compensation programs, developing performance evaluation drives through organizational development management software. Our People Experts identify the opportunities for your organization to excel, develop, and implement a customized Organizational Plan and work by your side to ensure the key components are in place and working. Through our compensation studies give you an edge by providing valuable insight into what’s happening, compensation-wise, in their particular regions.


Engage with us today to benefit from the customized designs and strategies that can help your company grow.


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