1. General household glass door handles are made of stainless steel, and there are many types of stainless steel, so when buying, you need to look at the quality of stainless steel. The best stainless steel material is 304. The surface of this stainless steel is very bright, and the hand feels very good, especially strong. But other types are not very good, such as 201, will appear black after using for a certain period of time.


2. The handles of household glass doors are generally relatively large, but the specific size should be determined according to the size of the household glass door. Do not choose the size of the handle randomly, and pay attention to the distance of the installation position on the household glass door. Failure to follow these purchases may cause the handle to fail to install.


3. If there is no way to determine the material and quality of stainless steel, you can also choose according to the brand. Choose some more famous or big brand products. Products of better brands are tested in terms of quality. This technique is also the simplest.