Now if you want to change the appearance of the guild or move it into different portal, go and talk to the Estate Agent in Varrock RS Gold. That's the same NPC that moves your home or changes is style. You may find him north of the entry to Varrock sewers. Ask him about changing the appearance of the guild and it's location and you will be accessible to alter it for a fee.

Now visit the POH portal site and choose the option"I want to visit my Guild." If you want to stop by the Guild of this clan you own or select"Go to a clan guild." And compose your clans name if you want to enter a guild you don't own. So if your friend has made a guild for his clan,"Pking d00ds", choose the"Go to a clan guild." Option and write Pking D00ds. If you are the owner of the clan start building the attractions of your Guild.

If you would like to join your clans Clan Chat, then click the"Join Chat" button in your Clan Chat tab and choose the option"I wish to combine a guilds clan chat." And type your clans name. If you want to speak in the standard clan chat (the one in which you write the username of the proprietor ), select"I want to combine a normal clan chat" And kind the owners name as usual. Of course, you have to be in the clan to join it is clan chat. If in your clans chat you've enabled generals to kick players from clan chat, then they'll be available to kick players from the guild too.

The Garden with the entering portal. From the Garden where you can find the portal there's a greeter. He's your slave like servants in your POH. However, you need to buy one from Ardougne too Buy Old School RS Gold. Even if you have a servant in your POH. From the guild you can not use the servants for your POH. You may just buy exclusive guild servants.