As we all know, a pot magnet is a magnet system in which powerful NdFeB magnets are embedded in durable steel cups or grooves. Also called cup magnet or fixed magnet.

Many shapes are round bases, but if you need other shapes (such as rectangular mounting magnets), we can make customized cup magnets for you. Mounting magnets usually have a hole, especially a countersunk hole, this design will help to install standard hardware (nuts and bolts) and various hooks.

Advantages of the pot magnet

Compared with a single neodymium sink magnet, the pot magnet has more advantages:

  1. Smaller size and higher magnetic field strength: The steel casing concentrates the magnetic force on one side and significantly improves the retention force.
  2. Cost-saving: Due to the super magnetic force, the use of rare earth magnets can be reduced and the cost of magnets can be reduced.
  3. Durability: Neodymium magnets are very fragile, steel or rubber covering can protect them.
  4. Installation options: Pot magnets can be applied to many accessories, so they can use different installation options.

Applications of Pot Magnets

It’s a popular magnetic assembly for home and industrial using as hanging and wall mounting applications.

  1. Fishing for Lost Objects
  2. Hanging Items
  3. Mounting Article
  4. Hobby & Leisure

Thanks for reading our article, and hope to help you understand the pot magnet. Ningbo Tengxiao Magnetic Industry Co., Ltd. not only has pot magnets but also badge magnets and other products. Welcome to visit our official website to view.