People show acumulative tendency in the direction of having their own Wind Turbines South Africa for making their own electricity and even for decreasing their contribution to environmental issues arising from energy sources based on carbon.

Know the operation of wind turbines

If talking about wind turbine then it is a machine which can change the kinetic energy of the wind into much-needed electrical energy. Wafting wind rotates the turbine’s blades and the instrument in it can make electricity upon this spin. There are two types of wind turbines that you can get from Renewable Energy Companies In South Africa. These types are vertical axis and horizontal axis wind turbines. Both of these have their own advantages and disadvantages but horizontal axis isnormal because of higher efficiency.

Personal wind turbines

Personal turbines can be utilized for various reasons varying from supplying energy for some small electrical equipment where grid connection isn’t feasible to meeting different part of the energy requirement of a house, a farm or also a facility of production. Personal generation systems can be grid connected orstandalone. The output of energy from a standalone wind turbine can be used directly. Though, in grid associated systems excess electricity produced can be provided to the national grid system. If you want to produce your own energy then you should contact with Renewable Energy South Africa company and install wind turbines.


Personal wind turbines for domestic use

Not like big size industrial wind turbines, these have small dimensions which make them suitable for using in comparatively smaller areas. Their measurementsdiffer from as small as 50 watts to as upper as 50 kilowatts and their costs differ as per on their types, sizesand manufacturers.

What to do for having a small system of wind generation?

At start, you need to decide whether you really want small sizeSouth Africa Wind Turbines for the needs of your energy. Mostly just saving some of the energy can reduce your bills but in case the reason for considering a small size turbine is being in off-grid areas you can continuewith other steps.


Check your site or building to see whether it is suitable for wind turbine or not. You must have sufficient space to install a turbine without the wind being choked by other obstacles or buildings.

Know your energy requirements. Your energy bills will possibly be your best references.

Check if the place you will install your turbine or Hybrid Inverter South Africa is windy enough. Always, you can find data of wind measurement in some websites for your area.

As per on your energy need and the wind potential in your specific area, decide the type and capacity of the turbine you will want.

Your small-size wind system is predictable to have a ROI period of fifteen years. Financial lifetime of a small wind turbine without transforming the major elements is valued to be about 20 years and enough maintenance will improve this. Though, maintenance wants small wind turbines are predictable to be minimal.