Neptune India is a leading producer of industrial plug and socket and distribution boards specially designed to incorporate the most up-to-date safety, quality, and user-friendly features for small offices to heavy-duty industrial applications. 

When we talk about the demanding nature of today's commercial and industrial electrical settings, robustness and ease of installations are the first attributes you seek in any line of industrial plug and sockets. 


●        The casting is created from non-corroding formed aluminium alloy combining exceptional compactness with high strength.

●        The design/construction eliminates the likelihood of pair within the fitting of business plug and socket in corresponding sockets.

●        The floating contacts within the sockets are self-aligning and facilitate swish plugging in a while not undue pressure.

●        These are often simply removed for wiring.

●        A provision for a pilot pin facilitates mechanical interlocking just in case of 63/125 Amp ratings.



Distribution Board for industrial plug and socket are specially designed to prevent accidental finger contact with plug-pins while inserting/removing the plug. Similarly, to avoid human contact, contact tubes in sockets are deeply recessed.


• Earthing pins, which are longer than conducting pins, ensure that the earth connection is made first and broken last.

• The visible earth terminals make it simple to check the earth connection.

• A compression gland is used to secure the cable to the plug, and a strong rubber guard protects it at the point of entry.



These products are used to connect equipment in a variety of applications where it is necessary to connect and disconnect. When safety, dependability, and durability are required, Neptune India industrial plugs and sockets are used for:


●        Reliable contacts reduce the number of stops and power outages, resulting in increased productivity.


●        Durable equipment saves time and money on maintenance.


●        Accidents are avoided by using secure connections.


●        Neptune India has classified our industrial plugs and sockets into several groups based on safety requirements.


Neptune India is well-known for providing the most comprehensive selection of industrial-grade plugs and connectors for commercial and industrial applications. Whether you need additional heavy-duty durability, waterproof protection, or high amperage reliability, you'll be able to discover a connection that meets your requirements. 

We deliver high-quality products for basic applications as well as for demanding applications and environments. We also produce sockets with additional safety functions. 

Neptune India provides industrial plugs, connectors, inlets and socket-outlets with screwless terminal connectors at the most reasonable prices.