There so we'll inspect the the seat where the needle sits into and see how that's looking our next job is to remove the jets so you've got two jets here i'm not a carbi expert but one's a primary one's the secondary jet or something like that one's an idly one and one something or other so we remove these two and we inspect those to see if anything's blocked and give those a good clean out as well both of these jets just unscrew like a main enduro bike and a pilot jet obviously you guys won't be able to see it but in my fingers there is a little jet and you should be able to look straight through that guy and uh you can this one's nice and clean which is kind of a good thing always use the right tool for the job um yeah anyway now.

Dirt Bike Washing Done

This guy here has uh again a direct hole through the middle and if you can see daylight through there you're good right then finally down inside here you've got another jet again i'm not an expert this i don't know primary and secondary and pilot jets and all the rest of it but i don't know i i just pull them apart and clean them i probably should know that sort of stuff but i don't anyway this guy here oh you're a bit tough to get out and we've got this jet here which um has a whole bunch of little holes in it and um also a main direct passageway as well and we're going to make sure that that's all clean and clear well from this point now that we've got everything apart it's just a matter of cleaning everything as well as you can cleaning.

Keeping Up On Your Dirt Bike Maintenance

Every sort of passage everything that you can find in here giving a good spray out blowing it with some shop air and compressed air and whatever else making sure everything's just really really nice and clean before you put it back together and um yeah so let's get on to the cleaning phase i don't think i'm gonna get to cleaning all of the pipes and whatever but as long as the internals are nice and clean i'll be happy hey all right so when everything is really really super clean on the internals they're not a speck of dirt anywhere everything uh blown out and cleaned out with carby cleaner every jet every you know section of the car be inside there you just reinstall everything just in the opposite order so what we're going to do is we're going to start putting some of these jets back electric trial bike in the right spots and then we'll go from there [Music] now we're going to install the float and the needle which sits into the seat there and that's all one unit that sits in the top of the carb section there so you've got to get it pretty precise now with the float in and uh needle and seat working properly just give it a little sort of test and make sure that it's pulling the needle up and down and re-seating there nicely which it is and you put the float ball.