Bits here you just uh go on looks like there's some holes there for this thing to go in and then this thing goes on with two or two screws we've got a brake line holder here so we're gonna run those through that little clip right there which is nice all right 2020 off-road dirt bike 130 pounds one cylinder cooler speed max is the name of air filter cleaner and it doesn't tell me how many air filter cleaner it is this thing's got a huge tank okay the moment of truth fuel's on give that a little tappy oh second try we're trying so there's a little choke down here that kind of fixed everything so that went pretty well it was pretty fast built i mean really only took maybe an hour to put it together keep in mind that i'm filming too so that does take.


A lot of time to set up the cameras and move them around and try to think about all the shots you want to get so you can show how to do this stuff but it was pretty simple you put the shock in you got your tire and it was the front tire is kind of sitting right back here i put that up on the front with the brake the handlebars and that was it started on the third try almost on the second try it almost did had i given it a little throttle it would have but it started up i didn't have the choke on the choke is kind of hidden behind this little panel right here so there's a little uh switch right underneath here this thing for under a thousand dollars something that runs starts on the third try man i'll tell you i want to go for a ride [Music] so you got no clutch keep grabbing for that.


So all right so we built the coolster 125 this thing that's pretty good i feel like this is torquier and it has like a lot more like right off throttle it feels like it just wants to go go go this is a little softer on the throttle but it does still get up to speed pretty well it was super fun to ride you could tell where they kind of powder coated this like a really rough texture to hide some of the bad welds in there overall less than a thousand dollars you get this foam air filter oil and it is really really cool and that's shipped to my front door except for the guy who wouldn't drive up my driveway because he was too scared he was going to get stuck but if you look at the size of these two this compared to that this is definitely smaller but i think that this engine is a little torqueier like i said air filter cleaner i think it's almost the same size it's only 15 cc smaller than that but i couldn't really tell that much it definitely has a smaller frame the welds are a little bit better on this one overall this is a better bike it's got the inverted fork it's got a little bit better kind of clamp up here for your handlebars i think this one's a little more sturdy everything about this bike just seems a little bit better