Electric water pumps are used in Canterbury on the South Island of New Zealand for a wide range of applications. Canterbury is a district in the South Island of New Zealand, rich in horticulture, agriculture and industry. water pump Canterbury Electric water pumps have serviced these areas of production for years in Canterbury and have become a trusted source of reliable and efficient water pumping delivery .





The climate in Canterbury tends to fluctuate quite a bit and the region can get very cold in winter. While there is some domestic use of electric water pumps in the bigger cities of Canterbury such as Christchurch and Ashburton, the highest percentage of electric water pump use occurs in the commercial sector, whilst mitigating the climate challenges.


Electric water pumps can assist with both irrigation and drainage so their application is quite diverse in Canterbury. water pump servicing Canterbury Electric water pumps can help maintain water levels across crop or pasture in Canterbury and keep water flowing reliably where it needs to be. Electric water pumps are an integral part of irrigation systems across the horticultural sector and are also useful in the delivery of products. Growing, harvesting and delivering crops such as potatoes, peas, beans, wine grapes, berries, onions, mushrooms, nuts and berries are all closely aligned with the use of electric water pumps and water pumping solutions across the Canterbury region.


Agricultural areas such as sheep, beef and dairy all benefit from electric water pumps. Imagine running a dairy without an electric water pump? It just wouldn’t happen. This example demonstrates how reliant we have become on electric water pumps .


Of course there are also many domestic or residential applications for electric water pumps, especially considering the fluctuating climate in Canterbury. Any avid gardener knows that water sprinklers, lawn sprinklers, filtration and irrigation systems are valuable tools. Electric water pumps are key to moving water around gardens, drawing on town water supply or using deep well pumps, bore pumps, or rainwater tank pumps to transport water. Through the combined use of electric water pumps and other water solutions domestic gardeners reap the benefits.


Whether electric waterpumps are used in the domestic or commercial sector, they will require pump installation, pump servicing and pump maintenance from a trusted specialist. The team at Think Water in Canterbury will be able to help you. They understand electric water pumps and have become a trusted supplier in the Canterbury region.