Dairy Industry is one of the booming businesses of this era. As more and more people are Migrating toward urban city's, there is a high increase in the demand for dairy products as people in cities can't domesticate cattle themselves.

Although the dairy industry is a booming business, a person working as a dairy farmer has to face many challenges. One of those challenges is to ensure high productivity from the dairy animals. Now for getting good results in increased production of milk from dairy animals, people try a number of ways like-

  • Use of synthetic hormones to high milk production but as the name suggests, it is not natural and so it's not good for the health of neither the consumer nor the animal.
  • Getting cattle of a particular breed that naturally have high productivity is a good option, but usually cattle of these breeds are costly, so it's not the best option.

Now, after seeing these two options, if we have to derive the best option according to our needs, then it should have the following qualities-

  1. It should be affordable.
  2. It should be natural.
  3. And of course, it should give good results.

The product which fits this description and has all the qualities mentioned above is silage. If you are wondering what silage is, then let me clear it for you; it is a highly nutritious diet for your dairy animals usually made from corn, sugarcane and wheat. Each kind of silage has its pros and cons. Have a look at some of the good qualities of silage-

  • Corn Silage- As the name suggests its made from corn, it is considered one of the best options for increasing the quality and quantity of the milk. It is a high energy giving diet and also it is easy to digest, as it is made by doing anaerobic fermentation. If we have a look at the nutritional profile of the corn silage, then it has- 1) 30-38% of dry matter, 2) 6-9% crude protein, 3) 25-35% ADF, 4) 35-50% NDF, 5)25-35% Starch and it has a pH of 3.7 to 4.2. Now with all this highly nutritious content, you also get an astonishing shelf life of 18 months.


  • Sugarcane Silage- Made out of Sugarcanes, this is the most affordable kind of silage available in the market at the present date. It also helps in increasing the milk output of your dairy herd. It is easy to digest with high sugar content. If we talk about the nutritious content, then it has – 1) 32% Dry matter, 2) C.P. 7%, 3) 30-40% ADF, 4) NDF 40- 60% and sugar content of about 30- 40%. It also has a shelf life of 18 months.

Now, if you are an Indian dairy farmer and wondering where you can get hay for your cattle, I would like to tell you about Silage Agro, a silage production company based in Punjab. They are using the latest European technology to provide our nation's farmers with the best product and ensure high growth in their production.