Parents shifting base to Singapore are quite content with the fact that their children will get world-class education at the local and international schools. While the local schools offer free of cost education, they have limited seats with preference given to local students. Many parents are, therefore, rightfully wary of the higher educational expenses of the country. While scholarships can be good enough to counter any financial issue, not every student is eligible for grants. Moreover, even if your income slab falls within the eligibility standards as a parent, it is quite challenging to land a scholarship, owing to the higher competition and extremely high educational standards relevant to Singapore.

Therefore, if you want the child to qualify for scholarships for international students in Singapore, you must consider the strategies mentioned in the subsequent segments:

  • Evaluate your income slab with precision

Some of the best schools offering scholarships for international students consider eligibility based on family income. For instance, if the gross income falls in the 60K-160K range, higher grants and rebates on tuition fees are offered to the students at the lower end of the spectrum. The rebate percentage starts dropping as your family moves up the income ladder. Therefore, as a parent, it is your responsibility to analyse every income source and project the accurate picture to establish eligibility in front of the authorities. 

  • Ensure that your child scores well in relevant examinations

International scholarships like the GCS are usually awarded to students who have scored more than 93 per cent in preceding examinations. Therefore, if you have already made arrangements to move to Singapore and procure something like the GCS for your child, you must oversee that he or she scores well in the presently conducted examinations. This would keep the aggregate higher and make them eligible for the relevant scholarship program.

  • Focus on the 9Gems pedagogy 

Renowned schools in Singapore grant scholarships even to students who aren’t aligned toward achieving academic excellence. Therefore, if your child is good in any of the relevant extra-curricular activities like community care, sports, scientific innovation, ethics, and other aspects affiliated with the 9Gems hierarchy, they become eligible for the scholarship program, provided you have the requisite documents and achievements to back the same up. 

  • Be aware of the application cycles

In most cases, scholarships to international students in Singapore are offered in cycles, where parents can apply after three months. However, things get easier if your child qualifies for every scholarship, regardless of the domain. Even if their qualifications aren’t multifaceted, you should ensure that they put in the requisite efforts to win the same by preparing extensively over the quarterly period.

Besides, you must project your child’s every achievement, including their scientific bend of mind, Olympiad certificates, if any, innovations of repute, and more, to ensure eligibility based on talent. 

You must realise the scholarships at international schools in Singapore are offered based on sports-related excellence, 9Gems adherence, academic merit, and means-cum-merit. Therefore, as a parent, you must research beforehand and keep documentation handy to simplify the grant eligibility process.