Writing is an essential skill, especially now. In a social media, email, and live chat world, people are writing more than ever. Whether in the digital space or on physical paper, the writing skills needed to communicate in either case remain similar.

 Video may be taking the traditional classroom by storm, making talking the de’ facto way to express themselves.

But writing is an excellent way to develop systematic thinking, prose, and creating an idea before letting it out into the world.

That is great for brain development. Moreover, writing with your hands helps develop fine motor and coordination skills in the brain.

Even better, you can teach your child how to develop the skill from home.

Children can start learning how to write effectively from nursery school. Then they can sharpen their skills as they grow and develop.

Here are some tips to help you.

The Early Bird Gets the Skill

Early childhood experts recommend that you start your training as early as ages three to six years.

You can start developing a child’s writing skills when they are preschoolers.

Follow the Montessori method, where you don’t introduce sophisticated writing concepts to your pre-primary school child before they are ready.

It takes time and practice to be good at it. Therefore, the earlier they begin, the better they will be.

Encourage Your Tiny Adult to Keep a Journal

Essay writing involves a smooth flow of ideas, expressing a point of view, or illustrating facts.

Keeping a journal allows a child to express their feelings or thoughts, improving their writing skills.

Please encourage your child to make this part of their daily routine.

Practice Makes Progress Happen

Your child did not give up on learning to ride a bike no matter how many times they might have fallen.

Encourage your child to keep writing even if they seem to get it wrong.

This is where both teachers and parents work together to get a child to do their best.

Because essay writing is an argument rather than a story, it might seem challenging.

However, you can make it easier by having them write a paragraph a day and understand it. Soon, they will be writing more and will enjoy it too.

Splash Some Fun into It

It might be impossible to include a song and a dance as they write, but there are other ways of making essay writing fun.

First, you can start by creating your child a well-equipped and happy writing environment because they will use that workspace regularly.

At home, you can have them write about the topics that they enjoy.

For example, you can ask them to write an essay on why schools should have film days or free ice cream days.

A Tutor Can Make a Huge Difference

Investing in the right tutor, especially if you do not have the best skills or time to train your child, can sharpen their skills.

A tutor will help them sharpen their grammar, learn proper essay structure, be more confident, and more.

Praise, Encourage and Reward Progress

A little incentive, encouragement, or positive sentiments can go a long way.

Recognize and acknowledge your child’s effort. If you show interest in their work, they will be motivated to write more and write even better.

Over to You

Writing is more than jotting words on paper—or a screen. It is an essential communication skill your child can depend on for their entire lifetime.

It is also a highly-sought-after skill in the corporate world. Training them to get better at writing could be one of the best investments you’ll ever make with your time.

Remember, the goal is to help them write better with practice. The more they do it, the better their mind develops the skill.