No More Free Trials Offered by Netflix in the US
    Netflix has been our go-to platform during this pandemic because of its brilliant shows and movies. It enables you to search for unlimited streaming content that you can watch based on the language, genre, and much more. Unfortunately, the most popular online streaming platform Netflix has brought down the option of free trial for its potential customers in the US. Though the offer has been removed from many other countries, it has now been released for the US residents. However, Netflix is...
    By Zoe Dixon 2020-10-19 08:03:21 0 4
    Top 5 Spoof Call Apps for Android
    Making a spoof call is fun, and sometimes it’s ok to tease a person who you already know. Spoof apps are mostly used during times, such as April Fool’s Day. However, you can use these apps in various other ways, depending on your creativity. So, whatever is the reason, here are the top 5 spoof call apps that you can use on your Android device. Disclaimer: please don’t use these apps for spam callings or any other illegal activities; they are made only for occasional uses and...
    By Zoe Dixon 2020-10-19 05:27:30 0 5
    iPhone 12 Won’t Come With Earbuds or Wall Charger Anymore
    The most awaited iPhone 12 has finally been announced; however, many rumors have disturbed the audience. Though many people are still unaware of the news, it’s time to face the truth. This might seem like a bomb dropping on your heads, but iPhone 12 will not come with an AC adaptor and earbuds. Yes, you’ve heard it right! At the announcement event by Apple, the Cupertino-based company confirmed the ongoing rumor that the new iPhone would no longer ship the charger, but a cable...
    By Zoe Dixon 2020-10-16 04:35:47 0 13
    Exam HP2-I17:HP Selling HP Printing Hardware 2020
    HP Certification - Everything You Need to Know About the HP Certification System   The HP Certification program is a great way to prove that you are qualified to work for HP, and this is a very popular method of proving you are the right person to work in their industry. It is important to understand why HP certifications are so important, so that you can avoid wasting your valuable time with companies who will not provide you with the training or support that you need. Many people...
    By Luise Adam 2020-10-15 09:54:38 0 6
    Configure Outlook Settings for Comcast Email
    According to the latest research, it has been discovered that there are huge numbers of Comcast (XFINITY) users in all over the world. Its users use Comcast email for their personal as well as business communication. The good news is that the users can get a paid subscription for their business/professional use as well as 5 additional accounts with Comcast email. If you want to configure Outlook Express settings for Comcast email, then you can read the given below instructions...
    By Alora Vora 2020-10-15 08:38:58 0 7
    How Do I Check My Refund Status on TurboTax 2016?
    The tool called “Where’s My Refund?” is the answer to your question – how to check my refund status on TurboTax 2016. You can find this tool on the official website of the IRS. Once you get into the tool, you may require entering a few basic details like social security number, exact refund amount, and the filing status. Doing these right in the required fields and clicking the “Submit” button will show you the refund status.  
    By Lisa Brown 2020-10-15 06:42:49 0 8
    Mumbai Escorts Service Realises Your Dreams
    If you are in search of best affiliation and have preference for cute, beautiful and hot escorts in Mumbai, Mumbai Escorts Service can realize your dreams. This escorts service offers variety of girls, who can make your sexual encounter mind blowing. These girls will provide you such a wonderful experience, the best moments of your life. The amiable attitude and open mindedness of these astonishing escorts will leave you hypnotized. For your every type of taste and preference,...
    By Manvi Kakkar 2020-10-14 09:38:13 0 20
    How do you fix Blerk Error 1 in AOL Mail?
    It seems quite annoying when there are tasks lined up in your schedule and you need to send urgent emails but your AOL mail betrays you.  Oftentimes, there are such situations when you go on to log in to your account you end up getting frustrated because you can’t access your mailbox. This problem is most common with users trying to do AOL mail login. One of the most common scenarios is when you see “Blerk Error 1” while trying to access your account.  What is...
    By Paul Troy 2020-10-14 06:19:18 0 10
    HPE2-W04-HP Aruba Location Services Specialist Exam
    What You Should Expect From an Aruba Location Services Specialist   Aruba Location Services Specialist jobs are one of the best paid and rewarding types of job in Aruba. This is because there are some things that you can do that will help your job in Aruba is more productive and give you more money for your efforts.   When it comes to HP Aruba Location Services Specialist Exam Dumps Aruba location services specialist jobs, you will be able to take on projects with a lot of...
    By David Adam 2020-10-14 05:08:45 0 6
    How to Fix Serious Sam 4 Crashing & Stuttering on PC?
    Serious Sam 4 rekindles the classic first-person shooter series in a high-powered prequel that is packed with explosive weapons, intergalactic carnage, and more. However, at times, users may face stuttering and crashing issues while playing the game. In order to resolve this annoying issue, check out the solutions mentioned below. Check the version of Windows You can check the version of Windows by following these steps provided below: First of all, tap the Windows and R keys simultaneously...
    By Zoe Dixon 2020-10-13 11:35:47 0 8
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