Steps to delete Yahoo account permanently?

Harry Smith
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2022-04-11 12:55:32

I created two yahoo accounts one for personal use and the other for business use. But, now I wanted to merge them into one and delete the other one. But, don’t know how to delete the yahoo account on my phone or other devices. So, I followed these steps:

  • First, log in to my Yahoo account
  • Then click on my profile icon button
  • After that, click on the setting button and then, the Privacy dashboard button.
  • Then, Click on the “delete my account” option, and confirm it. By tabbing on the “Yes, terminate this account”.
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2022-05-10 21:52:01

Does yahoo maintain some messages we have and some are deleted when we permanently delete our account? Has anyone experienced this as well? Also is there anyone know where we will official bill pay?

Hds Sdsgh
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2022-05-12 14:49:11

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Heravin Luca
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