<a href="https://www.trimbakeshwar.org/articles/kaal-sarp-dosh">Kal sarp Puja </a> is an ancient and historical Hindu temple in Trimbak village (located in Nashik district of Maharashtra) which is devoted to Lord Trimbakeshwar (the supreme deity Lord Shiva). It is at a distance of 28 km from Nashik city. The Trimbakeshwar Temple is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva and is known as one of the 12 divine Jyotirlingas. The holy river Godavari originates near Trimbak. Kushavart Kund (sacred lake) is also in the premises of the temple, built by "Shrimant Sardar Raosaheb Parnekar” known as Fadnavis in Indore state. Mr. The present Trimbakeshwar Temple was built by Nanasaheb (Peshwa Balaji Bajirao).
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