Why you’ll Like AOL Desktop Gold


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Enhanced Security

Our two-step verification process significantly helps prevent your AOL account from being compromised by requiring a second sort of authorization additionally to your password. Plus, added encryption makes the private information you’ve stored in AOL Desktop unreadable to anyone attempting to steal it.

Convenient and straightforward to Use

We kept the planning and features you’re keen on , to make sure a smooth transition to our latest version. all of your usernames, passwords, toolbar icons and mail are going to be transferred, along side your favorites and contacts. And with this version, you’ll never need to spend time installing new updates—we’ll automatically replace old versions as new ones become available, saving you time and space on your computer.

AOL Desktop Gold

Live Support once you Need It

If you ever have questions or need support with AOL Desktop Gold, live AOL experts are available to assist 24×7 by phone or chat. Get assistance with anything from installation to toolbar customization, desktop connectivity and more, right once you need it.

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