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    Have you decided to go to Rann of Kutch 2019? Do you want to see the desert of India’s Thar? Seen in your favorite TV series or film premises of Kutch. Do you want to feel everything? The best time to visit Kutch is Rann Utsav, a perfect place for a week-long vacation or for a quick weekend break.
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    In this blog, you find Gujarat tour package information, Chardham yatra tour package info, Chardham yatra by helicopter info, Chardham packages info.
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    Rann of Kutch Gujarat tour is the gateway in Gujarat to the vast desert of Thar, which is a large patch of land, called Rann, which literally means salt marsh. The salt is beautifully white. The perfect time to soak Rann of Kutch’s beauty in winter. The festival, which is organized by Gujarat Tourism, celebrates craftsmanship, culture, art fusion and the humble way of life of the people of the Desert, while clubs it with many comfortable accommodations and activities such as skyzilla, paramotoring, ATV, community games such as houses, chess, crickets, etc. Starting from October 28th to February 28, Rann Utsav 2019-2020 is scheduled. Kutch Tourism is a celebratory area of art, crafts, music, dance and nature which is one of the state’s most diverse ecological and ethnical districts. We have several hotels in Rann of kutch Gujarat tour Package to enjoy Kutch during your Kutch tours, and you must visit the Rann Utsav 2019 Festival. During your kutch ride, we also arrange your rental service. Rann Utsav 2019-20 packages for Rann Utsav 2019-20 are now open.


    Bhuj to Dhordo- Bhuj which is 85 km from Dhordo, is the closest airport and train station. It takes less than two hours to get to the otherwise small village. During these four festive months, about a kilometer away in the vicinity of Dhordo, a temporary, but the largest tent city in India is built. It takes over two months to set up over 400 tents, cafes, recreational areas, a stage for live shows, shows, stalls, and adventure equipment extending across 5.00.000 km to the white salt. The tents are arranged in various sizes and styles as incomplete circles that offer a beautiful view of the birds during the aerial adventure. In formal tents, suites, and cottages, tourists can expect AC, non-AC life options. A full Kutchi menu ensures that all these sleepy taste buds are woken up. Shopping includes a variety of crafts and souvenirs popular in this country and festival, which also add to visual pleasure. Bhuj is only a short bus drive from Bhuj to Dhordo. Several operators provide a bus service with a large number of daily buses from Bhuj to Dhordo. On the bus route from Bhuj to Dhordo there are many big operators. On average, the travel time between Bhuj and Dhordo is around.

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     Planning a memorable travel experience? Why do you not visit Kutch Rann Utsav in Gujarat 2019 / 2020? Let me tell you why! Why! “Festivities!”: the term that reminds you automatically of a hill station or a beach destination. For years many of us have traveled to beach destinations such as Goa, Alibag, Chennai, Kanyakumari and so on, as well as to Hiller resorts such as Shimla, Kullu-Manali, Munnar etc. How is it that you spill into the white desert sand? How about a camel ride instead of sports on water? Sounds odd, isn’t the idea? Yes! Yes! Yes! Let us help you plan your next vacation for the Kutch Rann Utsav in Gujarat. Kutch is the largest district in India, with an area of about 45,652kms, and the population is approximately one. 2.092,371 of them. Rann Utsav in Gujarat or Rann of Kutch is a large part of Kutch and is well-known for its excellent locale. Banni grasslands and swampy seasonal wetlands are a popular area in the district. The Arabian Sea and the Kutch Gulf are surrounded by it. The place is best suited as “Cradle for the artist” for craftsmanship and for the popular “Bandhani” i.e. tie and dye together with various brotherhoods types.

    Rann Utsav 2019 / 2020 — The Festival When Your Camera Don’t Stop Clicking The pics

    The Great Rann of Kutch, which covers an area of about 7.505 km2, is one of the largest salt deserts worldwide. The name “Rann” comes from the Hindi word “desert.” The Gujarat government organizes Rann Utsav to promote the village culture and the beauty surrounding this white rann for a very long time. Kutch Rann Utsav is the renowned Gujarat festival, unlike Kite Festival and Navratras. This is a colorful festival to celebrate life with beautiful, vibrant nature, relaxing dance and distracting music. A full moon stroll in the desert makes it is an amazing experience. Besides its elegance, it is worth mentioning a diamond of calmness. You will check your journey if the stop in the White Desert is not on your list if you are visiting Gujarat. Dance, music and enjoyable festivities take about 107 days to captivate the festival for another year with a Gujarati cultural and traditional display. The rich cultural heritage of Kutch Rann Utsav is the beautiful fete of ‘White Rann’. It is a destination for a holiday with families and friends to enjoy and create splendid memories.

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    Rann Utsav - Banao Apni Rann Ki Kahaniya
    In this blog, you find Gujarat tour package information, Chardham yatra tour package info, Chardham yatra by helicopter info, Chardham packages info.
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    Rann Utsav could be a pageant event organized by Gujarat Tourism, while the white Rann of Kutch, together with among all our states and abroad, has become a highly demanding destination. The Kutch RANN UTSAV in Gujarat event is so famous throughout the state. The knowledge of kutch white rann itself is exotic expertise in any other tourist destination in the world. Tent high-class city at 80 km (approx.) from Bhuj Dhordo Kutch. Choosing and falling from Bhuj is provided in the Utsav festival kit. Two groups of Swiss tents are sold and there are two reasonably priced packages: 1 Night and 2 days/2 night and 3 days Kutch Rann Utsav in Gujarat package is on the market. Kutch Tour Packages sold at their official rates from 2019 to 2020. Rann Utsav’s skill in white snoring is indeed exotic and people are insane that on a full moon night they are half Rann Utsav Kutch.

    The Kutch Utsav with luxury Swiss tents of high quality offers itself a wonderful feeling which cannot be described in words. The Rann Utsav in Gujarat could be a fascinating mix of culture; the folds of the semi-arid landscape can be seen, in reality in a celebration endless cycle of dance, music, art, and craft. Throughout Kutch Tour, the shimmering luminous countryside provides the enchanting expertise. Rann Utsav 2019, Rann Utsav Pageant 2020 Bookings for tents and packages. Kutch Utsav, Rann Utsav Bhuj, Kutch Gujarat at official rates, at the 2019-20 Rann Utsav Festival. Review rann Utsav available date and book your kutch tents for 2019, 2020 edition.


    Each year in Dhordo village, Kutch Gujarat, the nice activity festival called “Rann Utsav” is organized by Gujarat Tourism. The contest is well known among all visitors as the kutch Rann utsav and kutch pageant. The event lasts 3-4 months every year when participants are from every corner of the country and can choose to stay in Standard or Luxury Tents for an overnight or two nights. To be part of the rann utsav is to be an expert in kutch culture, exotic white desert of kutch and a wide variety of interesting activities and a beautiful residence experience in Swiss tent city. Rann utsav package includes all meals, breakfast, lunch and evening meal, package sightseeing and choose and drop off facilities from Bhuj. Booking open for Kutch Rann Utsav . Get information of Rann Utsav online reservations, Rann Utsav online reservations from anywhere. Enjoy Rann Utsav , Camel Safari in Kutch and Kutch tour package through TempleTourOnline and make memorable your Kutch Rann Utsav 2019 trip.

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