With the advent of the Internet, find people for free with whom you once lost touch became much easier! Moreover, there are so many ways that at least one of them will definitely help you meet someone.

How to find a person on the Internet through social networks

It is social networks that are now becoming the most popular way to find old friends. Anyone who is not registered with them, regardless of age and gender. It is enough to have a computer and the Internet at home to communicate online from time to time. So, let's start looking for people.

Social network 

Register on the website. You will have your account, then there is a page with information about you, a photo, where you can correspond with friends. Now click on the "Search" button in the top blue menu. On the right, select "people", and in the top line, write the name or surname (or better both) of the person you are looking for. On the right, you can add information about the person, for example, date of birth, approximate age, country, city, university or anything else. Try selecting different search parameters. It is possible that the person you are looking for did not specify his year of birth, enter only the day and month. And suddenly he didn't mention his city on the page, try without it, and so on.

How to find a person through the Internet - messengers

Probably, every person has installed at least one program for exchanging instant messages, which is called a messenger. Be it skype, askka (icq), live messenger, qip, google talk or something else, you have the opportunity to search for a person there.

Take, for example, the good old Aska. Download ICQ (12.1 MB), install it on your computer, and then register there. It will take 15-20 minutes, but then you will be able to find your old friend through the contact search and communicate with him online.

Also, most modern people use Skype. Download skype, install the program and register. In the left contact window, click on the "Add contact" button, and then select "New contact". In the new window that appears, enter the parameters of the person you are looking for and add him to the list of your contacts. Now with the help of Skype, you will be able to call your friend anywhere in the world absolutely free of charge! Skype has the possibility of instant correspondence, audio and video calls.