Monsoonblue-Two wood bases with a simple structure and a tripod glass top can make a real difference to your home decor. Not so sure? Well, the classic mid century design from Isamu Solid Ash, the Solid Ash Coffee Table has proved it with its never ending saga of arousing people's interests the moment they lay their eyes on the masterpiece. The amount of visual interest and change in graphics this simple piece can provide is not determinable until you actually possess one. And, all you need to do is be a little observant and get the right one for gracing your home. Considering its popularity, many stores in California have reproduced the original and its variants in an attempt to attract consumers with a unique test. But then, it becomes difficult for the buyers to choose the right place. Although replicas can be found in most retail and online stores, you must decide on some things before venturing into your shopping spree. Check the QualityBuying a replica does not mean you need to compromise with the quality. Even without the authentic Solid Ash signature, you can choose something which exactly replicates the original masterpiece. Find out whether the wood bases are birch, veneer or solid wood. Solid wood though slightly expensive is high on durability and can withstand wear and tear. In case you wish to select a slightly reasonable priced one, birch proves to be a good choice.
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