Auckland is ranked among the top ten best places to live in the world. It is an international city with great public health care facilities. However, the most amazing part is that it also has a very friendly and laid-back aspect to it. Auckland is one of the largest cities of the Oceania region, The population comes from diverse cultures and it is home to over 1.4 million people. Auckland also houses the largest ethnic Polynesian community on the globe.

Auckland property valuations

Part of the name for Auckland in the ethnic Māori language translates in English to the expression, “Desired by many”. True to its ethnic name, Auckland is a very popular choice for setting up a home and settling down. The people of this international city are friendly, the food is awesome but the housing is also expensive. If you have a property in Auckland, you are a lucky person. According to research on the cost of living, Auckland has the fifth-most expensive housing prices in the world.

Property Valuation in Auckland

As aforesaid, a house in Auckland is an expensive asset. Auckland is home to expert property valuation services who can provide you with the most accurate market valuation done by a registered valuer. These valuation services also take into account the requirements of the Government regulations. You should ask the question, what’s my property value in Auckland. As a thumb rule, your property is one of the biggest assets that you own. Being aware of the value of this asset and also knowing a way to increase the value of this asset is a great life tool to be equipped with.

Getting your property valued in Auckland is easy and simple

You can give a call to a property valuation services company. It is highly recommended that you call multiple companies and compare their service terms, quotations, etc. The company will arrange an appointment at your convenient time with certified, legitimate property valuer. Ensure that you ask for the proper certificates etc. as proof of the legitimacy of the property valuer.

A professional, certified valuer provides a comprehensive market valuation report that also cites the comparable sale prices of similar properties in the neighborhood. You can also ask for suggestions to increase the value of your property.

The market valuation of your property is not the same as the rating valuation of your property. The rating valuations are done by Government authorities and it is relevant for your property tax. Getting a professional service for your property valuation is highly recommended as registered valuers have the most comprehensive understanding of the trends, events etc. of the local property market.

Online report

You might want to get an idea of your property valuation but do not want to spend for a full market valuation report. You can send all the relevant information to a valuer who will verify them and send you a report regarding the accuracy of your information, an estimated value of your property etc. This service does not require an onsite inspection. A registered valuer does the research and estimates the value of property by pegging and averaging the comparable sales of property in the locality. It is a much more affordable alternative to a full market report and can be done online.

Current trends

According to reports, the price of average homes in Auckland has increased by over 30 percent in the last four years. The property owner’s tax has also risen by 6 percent. However, you can make a valid property valuation objection as a property tax payer or ratepayer. You are at liberty to object if you think a property valuation by the Government authorities is incorrect.