Qld wildlife solutions staff are endured in the identification, prisoner and relocation of wildlife. We're trained in handling delicate and dangerous creatures ( poisonous snakes) and as wildlife saviors and caregivers, we've applicable qualification to treat injured wildlife. Qldwildlife solutions  holds Rehabilitation Permit from the Queensland Department of Environmental and Heritage Protection. Beast ethics blessings Scientific permits Construction white cards First aid and remote first aid instruments The service we give includes the medication ofpre-clearance andpost-clearance fauna spotter reports. Our reports illustrate compliance with the applicable civil, state and/ or Council's condition of blessing.


Utmost people stop checking under their beds for monsters as they get aged, still sometimes it's still worth checking …. A Trinity Park couple were woken in the night by their canine growling at commodity under their bed as they were sleeping. After the bedside beacon was switched on they caught a regard of a snake under their bed. When I arrived they were fairly calm and suspected it was a 50 cm tree snake.

I crawled under their bed and was saluted by a 3m mite python tightly wrapped around the bed frame and in a really bad mood. I advised the couple that their room mate was slightly larger than they had originally suspected!

The scub python (non-venomous) was dislocated and we all agreed that they should look into closing the screen door during the night which was always left open for their faves.

Introducing the newest member of the Cairns Snake Catching platoon – Jason Legg. Jason is a professional fishing companion, fulfilled crocodile and snake tutor, and a welcome addition to our platoon. We now have three professional snake catchers gauging multiple generations to help limit negative commerce between original Cairns residers and the original snake species. Cairns Snake Catcher, Snake Catcher Cairns, Snake Removal Cairns, Feral Cat Traps Cairns, Spotter Catcher Cairns, Cairns Spotter Catcher, Spotter Catcher North Queensland, Cape York Spotter Catcher, Brush Turkey Removal Cairns, Pigeon Removal Cairns, QD Wildlife Solutions, Wildlife Trapping Cairns, Fauna Spotter Catcher Cairns, Fauna Spotter Catcher Queensland, Feral Pigeons Cairns, Pigeon Trapping Cairns, Cairns Snake Removals, Snake Handler Cairns, Snake Relocation Cairns, Animal Trapping Services Cairns, Animal Trapping and Removal Service Cairns, Qld Wildlife solutionsQld Wildlife solution, Feral Animal Removal Cairns, Wildlife Spotter Catcher Cairns, Snakeman Cairns, Reptile Removal Cairns, Cairns Snakes, Feral Cat Removal Cairns, Cat Catcher Cairns, Scrub Turkey Removal Cairns, Bird Removal Cairns, Rodent Removal Cairns, Rat Removal Cairns, Trapping Cairns, Wildlife Trapping Cairns. Visit here for More info- https://qldwildlifesolutions.com

Mite pythons were out in force this weekend looking to exploit any sins in suburban funk pounds in order to pierce an easy mess. Jason caught this emotional Scrub Python on Friday at a hearthstone in Machans Beach. Just short of 5m and importing an emotional 28 kg this big mite python was plant on top of a funk corral totally searching for the entrance to the all you can eat funk buffet. Numerous other mite pythons were also removed from in and around funk pounds this week.

It's a timely memorial that as it gets hotter snake favors increase and small faves left outdoors for the night need to be kept in a snake evidence quadrangle. Our Wildlife Services provide a professional fauna spotter catcher service with local knowledge, understanding and experience of local conditions in the Far North Queensland region.Contact us now on M: 0408 331 700