How to Get Google to Crawl Your Website Right Away

Is your website getting no organic traffic? If so, Google may not be indexing your site.

When a webpage is not indexed by Google, it does not appear in its search results. As a result, you will not receive any search engine visitors. However, there are various techniques to get Google to speed up the indexing process and begin displaying your site in SERPs.

This article will help you with tried-and-true methods for getting Google to index your website immediately and also will tell how important Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai are.

So now, What Does Indexing Your Website Mean?

In a nutshell, indexing is the process of adding a website and its pages to Google's massive database so that your website appears in its search results. Indexing is an essential component of Google search.

To begin, Google discovers new web pages through a process known as crawling. It is the process through which Google discovers fresh content on your website by following various linkages, including inbound and outbound links. It finds these pages and adds them to its massive database (indexes your pages).

How to Determine Whether Google Has Indexed Your Website

There are two simple techniques to determine whether Google has crawled your website or not.

  1. Either, simply run a Google search for your website or a webpage by putting the respected website with Google search operators to narrow down your results.

For Example, Type see if it appears in the search results. If it doesn't, it signifies the search engine hasn't indexed your website.

  1. Or, you may also check the index status of your pages using Google Search Console.

In Google Search Console, use the URL inspection tool to enter the URL of your webpage. If Google has indexed your page, you'll receive a notification that says the URL is on Google.

And if it isn't, you'll notice that the URL isn't on Google. In this manner, you can determine whether or not your pages are indexed.

A website that is only updated a few times a month will be crawled more slowly than one that is updated frequently. You can speed up the entire recrawling process by doing the following:

  • Directly request indexing.
  • Fill in any blanks in your sitemap.
  • Remove the unwanted crawl blocks from your robots.txt file.
  • Remove unintended no-index tags.
  • Remove the needless canonical tags.
  • Remove the unnecessary nofollow tags.
  • Check that you haven't orphaned any of your pages.
  • Improve the site's or page's quality.
  • Remove or block any sites that you do not want to improve.
  • Add more backlinks.

All these above-mentioned are covered in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai. So this will help with the ranking and indexing of the website.


Obtaining relevant backlinks from other sites aids the crawling process; these backlinks are viewed as votes for your content, so Google will want to investigate and discover what the buzz is all about!

Furthermore, having high-quality backlinks from authoritative domains accelerates the process significantly. So, want to know more about other link-building strategies and how to get backlinks to your website? Enroll in Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

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