Gain Complete Visibility OfResource Demand Across The Enterprise

  • Replace silos of tools with a single Resource capacity planning software for both project and non-project demand: BAU, admin, vacation, etc.
  • Give multiple resource managers and line managers access to a plethora of resourcing insights across the enterprise.
Gain Complete Visibility of Resource Demand Across the Enterprise


Get Foresight Into ShortfallAnd Excesses Of Resources

  • Forecast capacity vs. demand from multiple perspectives, i.e., by role, department, team, location, skills, etc. It helps you identify short or long-term shortage/excess of resources ahead of time.
  • Bridge the gap with appropriate resourcing treatments. Take corrective actions, i.e., retrain current employees, hire recruits early on, play around with the project timelines, etc.
Get Foresight into Shortfall and Excesses of Resources


Maximise Billable AndStrategic Resource Utilization

Our resource forecasting tool would help you get deep foresight ahead of time into billable and strategic utilization of every resource. Accordingly, move your resources from non-billable or low priority work to billable or high priority work and achieve your business's overall profitability.

Maximise Billable and Strategic Resource Utilization


Avoid Last Minute FireFighting For Competent Resource

Saviom resource capacity planning tool helps you forward plan resource demand for potential projects in the opportunity pipeline or approval pipeline. It enables you to

  • Plan your resourcing capacity ahead
  • Reduce overall project risks
  • Avoid last-minute hiring and project delay
  • Avoid unnecessary cost escalation
Avoid Last Minute Fire Fighting for Competent Resource


Forecast Project Vacancies AndMinimize People On The Bench

  • Get foresight into project vacancies and people who will end up on the bench down the line due to being under-allocated or not actively allocated work.
  • Identify project requirements by location and time to mix and match the requisite quantity and type of resources needed. It avoids benching and letting go of resources early only to require the same skills at a later date.
Forecast Project Vacancies and Minimize People on the Bench


Track And Compare Budget,Forecast, Actual, Margin, Etc.

Using advanced analytics and dashboards from our software, you can track critical financial indicators for a project like cost, revenue, profit margins, and overheads. It would help you take corrective action and control project costs ahead of time.