Martech Interview with Faisal Galaria on AR in Marketing


The AR industry is developing and evolving day by day, with constant innovations across the space. In an Martech Interview on AR in Marketing. What are the best use cases of Augmented Reality in Marketing? The core to creating engaging experiences in AR is not only the process of building something memorable but creating something meaningful.


Some of the most effective marketing use cases of AR can be seen across the CPG industry. AR turns physical objects – be this a tube of Pringles, a bottle of wine, or a packet of M&Ms – into each item’s own media channel. This is made possible with Marker Tracking technology, which enables users to activate an AR in Marketing experience simply by scanning an object or surface with their phone.


User engagement driven by augmented reality campaigns is off the charts and continues to majorly impact brands and advertisers. The benefits of AR adoption in marketing can’t be understated, but they can be quantified. To understand why AI is so important for customer engagement, you need to consider two key trends. Brands using AR across their marketing campaigns are seeing significantly heightened engagement rates and dwell times. 


About Faisal Galaria - Faisal Galaria is the CEO of Blippar, a leading technology content platform specializing in augmented reality. Blippar’s vision is to enable anyone to create their own original immersive, 3D experiences. These experiences can be shared across the internet, apps and social media, and can be accessed from any smartphone or head-mounted device.


About BlippAR - Blippar is a leading technology company specialising in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision (AI). Blippar’s vision is to enhance everyday life with Augmented Reality and give you more from the world you see – more entertainment, more information, more value.


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