Are you feeling like you can’t actively take part in your Spanish class? Do you feel blank when you are asked to contribute to class? If this keeps happening with you, you might have foreign language learning anxiety. This is a term used to describe the fear, lack of confidence, and dissatisfaction with learning that students experience while learning a new language. They feel like they aren’t built for learning a second language. But it is not so. In this article, we are going to give you some tips that you can learn from a Spanish tutor online by joining online classes.

Recognize the anxiety

The first step to addressing a problem like anxiety is to recognize it. You should try to observe how this anxiety is affecting you. This will open the blocks of discomfort by making you aware of your circumstances. Being aware of the situation can help you improve by placing strategies to improve things.

Identify the part of learning that is troubling you

After recognizing a problem, it is important to go deep and identify its roots. You might not feel uncomfortable while learning a lot of Spanish topics. But there is always a side of learning that will make you uncomfortable. The surprising truth is that you are not alone. Most foreign language students report this problem when they start learning. The part that could be troubling you might be speaking, grammar, pronunciation, writing, etc. You can take help from online Spanish tutors to solve this problem.

Face the fear

Our mind gives us the obvious solution to the problem that makes us uncomfortable. And that solution is to avoid it. But avoiding your problem can make you even more uncomfortable and undermine your abilities to learn. So, you have to face your fear. If you are afraid of looking stupid in front of others, you should be ready to look stupid every day. Choose the path of resistance that puts you in uncomfortable situations and the results will be enormous.

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