Set a beautiful table and celebrate the season with your loved ones with Tjhoko Paint’s furniture paint!


  • 500ml Stencil of Paris


  • old wooden board


  • 80ml Tjhoko Paint Savvy Steffie


  • 80ml Tjhoko Paint Magical Marina 


  • 80ml Tjhoko Paint Da’vid 


  • 80ml Tjhoko Paint Hello Hettie 


  • 80ml Tjhoko Paint Vinia Stone


  • 6 Tjhoko Rectangle Boards


  • 50mm paint scraper


  • Tjhoko Paint Clear Glaze


  • 38mm Hamilton’s Fibre Brush



  1. Place 5 scoops of about 100ml Stencil of Paris on an old wooden board. Add about 80ml of the colours above to each scoop of Stencil of Paris (or choose any colours that match your table décor) and mix the paint thoroughly with the paste – you now have textured paint.

  1. Using the paint scraper, scrape the coloured paste over the Tjhoko Rectangle Boards. Alternate the colours – think of your place board as an artist’s canvas. Clean the scraper from time to time and move in different directions. Allow drying completely – at least 2–4 hours.


Tip When the Stencil of Paris has dried, dilute the Clear Glaze in a 3:1 ratio with cooled boiled water and use the fibre brush to apply it to the place boards – this will give them a subtle sheen.





  • Tjhoko Stencil 2022-A4-1


  • 6 natural textile napkins


  • masking tape


  • Tjhoko Hamilton’s Stencil Brush


  • 20ml Tjhoko Paint Savvy Steffie 


  • 20ml Tjhoko Paint Magical Marina 


  • 20ml Tjhoko Paint Hello Hettie



  1. Place the stencil on the napkin and secure it with masking tape. Dip the stencil brush in the first colour and repeatedly remove any excess paint to prevent the paint from seeping under your stencil. (Use a rag or newspaper to remove excess paint.)


  1. Press the stencil down firmly with your free hand and move the stencil brush in circular motions over the stencil. Alternate the colours on different parts of the stencil and clean the stencil brush with a dry cloth before switching to the next colour; you can also stencil over another colour if desired. Wait about an hour, then iron the back of your painted napkins with a hot iron. 

Tip When you need to wash the napkins, make sure your washing machine is set to a cold cycle

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