One thing that I love the most is silence. We live in a world of too much noise that people no longer remember what real silence is. As a matter of fact, many of our younger generations have never experienced silence.

Why is that? Let us look at the circumstances in which we presently live for that answer.

In the contemporary world, we are constantly bombarded by the sound of the voices. In most of the homes, it has now become a norm for the TV to be on continuously, or on the radio, or be talking on the cell phone or landline. While not doing things, people are frequently on the computer watching a video or listening to music, or playing games. And obviously there is all the communication that goes on at work or at school. Is all this noise required?

Even when the TV at home is off, the computer may hum if it’s on, the fridge hums, and you can hear the traffic outside or a dog barking. The air conditioner or the heater runs. There is always noise.

While trying to sleep at night, frequently the mind takes over and makes more noise. It just keeps talking and keeps one awake.

This constant brattle creates stress on the mind and the body. Sadly, many people don’t notice the impact on their bodies as they haven’t experienced anything else. Frayed nerves might feel normal to them, until they get away from it. A trip to the country or a serene place can create an instant relaxing response.

On the contrary, some people are so much used to noise, that they may become very inconvenient in silence. They get bored or the mind haunts them always, telling them that this is quite awkward to what they are used to, and that they should call someone or turn on the TV. If such is the scenario, I recommend one just to be aware of that reaction, and stay in silence for a while longer, ablactating oneself away from the noise and enabling peace to emerge.

In a nutshell, we live in a noisy, nerve-wracking, hectic world that constantly creates stress on the physical system. Turning off the noise whenever possible, or taking trips to a serene country, may be a technique of bringing the body into a state of peace and serenity.

Experts agree that exposure to noise more than 140 dB can permanently damage hearing. This damage may range from hearing and dulling, ringing in the ears, to complete hearing loss. In the worst case scenario, this damage is cumulative. Almost all the weapons create noise that is more than 140 dB level. The hearing protection an air duct noise silencer offers would not only be only for the target shooters but for everyone.