When Ye Qian was about to leave, his cell phone rang suddenly. Ye Qian took a look at it. It was Liang Bing. He was stunned for a moment. It seemed that the girl still cared about herself. "Wife, miss me." When the phone was connected, Ye Qian smiled and said, Liang Bing was obviously stupefied for a moment. He frowned slightly and said in a cold voice, "Don't call me that. Remember, we are just fake. All this is for you to finish the task better." Ye Qian stuck out his tongue slightly and then said, "Did you ask me if I had come to apply for the job? Did you not see me? I felt a little uneasy. Then I tell you that I have applied for the job. How about it? I didn't let you down." "Humph." Liang Bing just responded very lightly, and then said: "Since you want to protect my safety in the future, then move to my place to live, this is also convenient, however, you take a good look at the contract, there are three chapters on it, you absolutely can not violate." "You can rest assured, although you look good, but I am not interested in you, I am very worried about what you will do to me, I hope you also abide by." Ye Qian said shamelessly. Liang Bing did not pay attention to him, told Ye Qian the address and then hung up the phone, she did not know what kind of feeling in her heart, very strange,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, sometimes think about it will hate Ye Qian, but sometimes miss him, very complicated, very entangled, she even did not know what she was doing, how could she think of such a way to approach him? Do you want to get back at him, or do you want to get closer to him? Picked up a photo frame on the table, inside is a very beautiful woman, smiling very bright,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, not others, it is Liang Bing's photo, looking at the photo, Liang Bing murmured: "You can rest assured that I will fulfill your last wish, you have knowledge under the spring to rest assured." After a pause, Liang Bing went on to say, "It would be nice if you were here. At least, someone can talk with me. You say, is it right or wrong for me to do this? I should hate him very much. But why can't I hate him when I see him?" "Bang, bang, bang." There was a knock on the door, which interrupted Liang Bing's thoughts. Liang Bing frowned slightly, took a deep breath, steadied his mood, put the photo away, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic molten metal, and said, "Come in." Gao Yanyi pushed the door and went in. She went straight to Liang Bing and handed over the document in her hand. She said, "General Manager Liang, this is a newly recruited security guard. I don't think he is suitable. So I want to refuse his joining, but Manager Jian doesn't agree. So I hope General Manager Liang can have a look." Liang Bing nodded slightly, reached out to take it, looked down, and then handed the information back to Gao Yanyi's hand, saying: "Although the rate of security belongs to the public relations department, it has always been a department. Manager Jane is a special soldier. He should have his own reasons for the selection of security. So, you'd better not intervene." Gao Yanyi was stunned for a moment, some stunned looked at Liang Bing, some do not know what to say, "there are other things, if not, then you go out first, I have something to do." Liang Bing said, Gao Yanyi slightly stupefied, some heart unwilling, however, since Liang Bing has already spoken, he is not good to continue to say anything, said the words, Gao Yanyi turned and went out. …… Back in the hotel, neither Molong nor Quyang Xue was there, and only Li Wei was sitting in the living room smoking in boredom. When I first came here, I found something exciting to do, and then it was so boring. It was torture for Li Wei. He ignored the opposition of his daughter-in-law Su Zi and came from the Iron-blooded Pirate Group. He just didn't want to live a boring life and wanted to seek a little excitement. As a result, he was still bored to stay here. Li Wei felt a little pain. Seeing Ye Qian, Li Wei looked at him innocently and said, "Boss, I'm bored to death. Find me something to do.". ” Ye Qian gave him a white look and said, "Can't you settle down for a few days? I'm here to pack up my things and move to another place. Tell Molong." Slightly stupefied, Li Wei said in surprise: "Boss, where are you going to move? Take me with you. The young couple live here. I feel like a third wheel here alone." "I have something to do." Ye Qian simply said the matter of taking over the task of Liang Bing. Li Wei looked at Ye Qian in disbelief and said, "They all say that I am the most fickle in the wolf's teeth. However, I think you are the eldest. How long have you been here? Another one. You are attacking me. I am a fickle in the world. I also openly admit it. But you are always seeking personal gains in the name of official business." "I'm doing my job." Ye Qian said, "If Ouyang Minghao annexed the Blue City International, it will have a great impact on us. Therefore, I must stop this from happening. You don't have nothing to do. Jin Chengyou definitely still needs your help. You don't like to make trouble. The matter of dealing with Gui Jinbai will be dealt with by you. However, take your time and don't go too far." Otherwise, if the people of Bonzi National Security Committee are looking for trouble, it will also be very troublesome, as well as those gene fighters, they have been hiding in the dark, if they are not pulled out, my heart has been very worried, this matter needs you and Molong to deal with. As soon as Li Wei heard this, he immediately got excited. He smiled and said, "Boss,ultrasonic dispersion machine, I'm relieved if you say so. I thought you left me like this. Hey, you can rest assured that it's best to have something to do. If those gene fighters dare to come, I promise to clean them up one by one." 。 fycgsonic.com