The ball of light suspended in the sky drifted down slowly. The Black Prison King, Yueyang and the Southern Xinjiang Demon King, the hearts of the three of them have been sinking. Which cheapskate left an ancient relic? Just took a golden compass, now the gate put the dog more than, but also sent the ancient giant to bully people, this also let people live ah? Chapter 514: [Death Arena] Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight "Drink!" The Black Prison King instantly improved his strength and burst out with the power of congenital level 10. The terrible shock wave, like a hurricane, swept across the Crystal Square. Yueyang and the Southern Xinjiang Demon King quickly avoided it and stayed away from this guy. The Black Prison King was promoted to the congenital level 10, but he still thought it was not enough. He tore off his cloak, revealed his true body, and continued to promote.. The breath takes shape like a tornado. Whirling wildly, countless thunderbolts, around the body of the Black Prison King, silver snakes dancing and crackling. A dark field with a diameter of about 100 meters slowly appeared, with the body of the Black Prison King as the center, rising rapidly. It forms a semicircle and envelops the Black Prison King like a shield. Countless dark energies, like fountains, erupt from the ground. After bursts of boiling, the dark energy formed thousands of grotesque forms,inflatable air dancer, some like weapons, some like war beasts, some like ghosts, and some like human beings, but all of them were transformed by the dark energy, controlled by the will of the Black Prison King, and gathered around him. The I Dark Armor on the Black Prison King constantly absorbs the dark energy around him and emits thousands of rays of light. Those rays of light are dark with gold, as if they have substance. Dark energy in the form of countless weapons sinks into the Dark Armor,inflatable castle with slide, making the Dark Armor grow in shape, with wings and shoulder pads, as well as giant shields and joint blades. After the second form of the Dark Holy Armor, the Black Prison King roared again, his eyes were red, and he forcibly unsealed his power to the super-high realm of the innate supreme level. The dark energy in the form of those war beasts quickly pounced on him and approached his body. After the Black Prison King summoned the life guardian war beast, the devouring demon tiger, they combined with the devouring demon tiger one after another and turned into a strange tiger armor. With the combination of the devouring demon tiger and the dark energy, the appearance changes greatly, with long horns and wings, golden saddles and silver cables, and flaming claws and ice tails. It looks mighty! "Diamond level 10 holy beast.." Yueyang observed the devouring demon tiger with the eyes of heaven, and found that its strength was super powerful, more than ten times stronger than the golden emperor of the diamond level 9, and four or five times stronger than the succubus queen who had just been promoted to diamond level 10. With the diamond level 10, Inflatable 5k obstacle ,Inflatable bouncer, Impatiens Beauty's succubus queen is the weakest, after all, she has just been promoted. Next to rest of the black dragon king of hell, it is only a little stronger than the queen of succubus, the difference is not very big; and the three golden dragon king of the sea emperor Guanlan, far better than the black dragon king and the queen of succubus, should be able to exceed the two about three times, it is because of the strong three golden dragon king, the sea emperor Guanlan can defeat the first killer rest in the crystal canyon. And this devouring demon tiger is much more powerful than the golden three-headed dragon king. To fight, the Golden Three Dragon King, the Black Dragon King of Hell and the Queen of Succubus add up, and it is estimated that they are no match for this devouring demon tiger. Strangely, this tiger is not in human form. How can it be a sacred beast? Southern Xinjiang Demon King seems to have a certain ability to detect enemy war beasts, but not as good as Yueyang Tianmu Huiyan, at least she did not know the truth, only found something wrong. In ancient times, there was a secret art that could fix the war beast into animal shape and never turn into human again. This fixation could make the war beast more powerful, but it had to be exchanged with future potential and wisdom. Compared with the sacred beast of diamond level 10, this devouring demon tiger has only primary intelligence at most. Compared with some sacred beasts with perfect human beings, high intelligence and emotion, this tiger is simply a retard! Yueyang knows this secret art from the knowledge inheritance of the tragic male mother, but he is very opposed to this ruthless secret art. Since ancient times, this secret art has been taboo, because its use has completely stifled the growth of war beasts. The future of the war beast is the human being. Sacred beasts are already very close to human beings. When the war beast becomes a mythical beast, it is almost no different from human beings. It has the same high wisdom and emotion. It can live and contract like human beings. The mythical beast can integrate into human society, learn and grow like human beings, and even marry and have children like human beings, delaying offspring. The Black Prison King uses the "I solid form secret technique" to fix the devouring demon tiger in the tiger form forever. In this way, although the fighting power of the devouring demon tiger will increase several times, its future will never be able to grow even a little bit. Moreover, it is also a kind of slavery. The devouring demon tiger will always be the mount of the Black Prison King, not his battle partner.. For Yueyang, he would never do that. Not only does he treat little Wenli as his darling, but he also loves such women as Bloody Queen Red, Bull Shadow Aman, Golden Crown Thorn Queen Duoduo, and even the Fire Ghost and Death Mantis, who have not yet been transformed into human beings, equally, not to mention the Wax Dragon Lady Shi Ying, who has just been treated like a lover. He treats Sakura and other women as human beings, not as war beasts. Although the shape is different But Yueyang will never sacrifice a war beast because of the need for strength. Lack of strength, he felt that he should improve through hard training. Use your own efforts to gain strength. Yueyang will never exchange the lives of war beasts, or their freedom, or their future growth. The Black Prison King is really crazy! The Southern Xinjiang Demon King was very contemptuous of this act of sacrificing war beasts for profit, and she snorted a little angrily. Not to mention the sacred beasts that can be transformed into human beings, even ordinary war beasts,inflatable bounce house with slide, when their masters abandon them, they will also send out a lament. The devouring demon tiger is not only its own life guardian war beast, but also a holy beast. The Black Prison King still wants to turn it into his own mount. This shows how strong the Black Prison King's heart is to gain power. This mentality can no longer be described in ordinary words. Because it reaches the level of ruthlessness.