CAMPs stand for "Customer Account Management Portal". QuickBooks users have the prerogative to access and control their accounts, contacts, billing, and user-related information through CAMPs. Users also have the leverage of changing credit cards, amending their payment method, monitoring charges, and updating their billing and email ids, all through one single account management window.

In addition, CAMPs offers convenient avenues to download items, locate license number, and end Intuit/QuickBooks subscription. We shall describe all the related information regarding CAMPs in this article and also brief you on the procedure to change, manage or update the Intuit account with CAMPs.


Procedure for signing into CAMPs

The easy procedure to sign into CAMPs is given below:

  • To start off, the you need to visit the url
  • Subsequently, log in using Intuit Account credentials. It's possible that this is different from the login information for your company file.
  • If you have a choice of several products, opt for QuickBooks Desktop to access CAMPs.