Along with your Comcast Internet and/or Comcast Voice subscription, you also get a Comcast email account. In the event that the subscription was acquired in your name, you have access to the primary Comcast account. With this master Comcast account, you may set up as many as six additional internet users. You may grant someone access to your subscriptions and a special Comcast email account by adding them as a user. By accepting an invitation sent by email or SMS, a new user can sign up for your account. Should you ever feel the need, you may easily Delete Xfinity Email Account from your Master Xfinity account by following the methods listed below.

Step Delete a Comcast Email Account

When an Xfinity ID or Comcast Email is destroyed, the secondary user's Xfinity ID is also permanently erased. You will also lose any emails, voicemails, and other data connected to the particular How To Delete A Comcast Email Account. Printing or saving copies of everything you might need in the future is encouraged. Additionally, if an ID is connected to more than one account, it won't be erased and won't be able to access the account from which it was deleted. The steps below must now be followed in order to delete a Comcast Email account:

  • Before continue, you must first sign in to My Account as the principal user.
  • Once you are in the My Account area, you must click the Users option.
  • The next step is to locate the user you wish to remove and click the Edit button next to their name.
  • The Xfinity ID will then be eliminated from your account by selecting Remove.
  • After that, you will be prompted to confirm your choice to remove the user. To finish your action, you must click the Remove User option.
  • The Comcast email address will no longer be accessible.

Follow these instructions to delete a Comcast email account from your Comcast account. The steps below can be used to add a new user to your account:

  • Log into My Account as the main user, then from the list of users already registered, choose the Add a New User option.
  • After that, choose Member, and then click Continue. You may also select the Manager or Viewer option based on your needs.
  • After entering the new user's information (first and last name, email address, or phone number) in the provided sections, click Invite User. A confirmation notice will appear on the screen.
  • The new user will receive an email or text message inviting them to create a Comcast email account. The new user must accept the invitation by entering the street address of the original user.
  • As soon as the user accepts the invitation, they will be prompted to create their username, password, and password recovery method. This will create a brand-new user account.

You may now follow the guidelines in accordance with your needs since you know how to remove or add a Comcast email account.

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