Your wedding bands in Columbus are the single most important investment you will make in your life. These bands not only reflect your style and personality preferences but showcase the love and commitment towards your partner in the relationship.


So, it goes without saying that taking care of your band should be your top priority. If cared for properly your wedding band can last you a lifetime and even be passed on as an heirloom piece to future generations in years to come.


However, at times, most couples aren’t sure of what to do and what to avoid with their bands and this can lead to them ruining their pieces. Here are some things to avoid doing while wearing your band.


Working out

Always avoid wearing your wedding rings in Columbus before you exercise, trek, swim or take part in any outdoor activities. Wearing your ring while playing sports or even at the gym can not only scratch or chip your piece but can also crack certain metals.


If you need to wear your band daily then opt for a silicone ring that is affordable and durable while keeping your expensive band at home safely.



If you’re heading to the spa, beach, or for a swim then it’s best to leave your ring at home. The harsh salt water, ocean air, and sand can be abrasive to your ring and damage the metal band.


Along with that, chlorine in the pool can corrode and degrade your band causing it to lose its luster. The cold water can also cause your fingers to shrink and your ring may slip off and be lost forever.



It’s always a good idea to store your ring safely away when cleaning, cooking, gardening or even showering. Certain chemicals like bleach, ammonia, and even harsh detergents, and household abrasives can damage your ring and even affect your diamonds in Columbus.


You may even accidentally hit your ring on a hard surface causing it to crack or snag on other soft surfaces.


End Note

At the end of the day, most couples invest in a couple of trinket dishes that they can keep their ring in and simply put on after the chores are done.


If you tend to be active, and outgoing, or lead a high-impact lifestyle then it’s best to leave your precious ring at home and invest in an affordable alternative.