Autonomous testing is a process of software testing that utilizes automated tools and scripts to execute tests without any human intervention.

It allows organizations to speed up their software testing process while improving accuracy, consistency, and repeatability. By automating repetitive and time-consuming tasks, testers can focus on more complex testing scenarios, making the overall testing process more efficient.

This approach is particularly useful in Agile and DevOps environments, where software needs to be tested quickly and frequently to ensure that it meets the requirements of fast-paced development cycles.

Overall, autonomous testing can help organizations achieve higher software quality, reduce costs, and increase their agility in responding to market demands.

Autonomous testing involves the creation of test suites, maintaining the tests, and test results analysis, without any human involvement. In this era of AI and ML, there is a huge demand for AI-augmented testing

It is the way forward to have accelerated high quality releases with optimal use of resources, at reduced costs.

Webomates’ AI engine can help bring in the advantage of Autonomous Testing with Early Bug Detection, Self Healing test automation and many more.

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