If you've ever wondered what bed bugs are, they are hemipterous insects with sucking mouthparts that feed on warm-blooded animals.

Among the blood-sucking species, bed bugs are the best adapted to temperate climates, which is why we find their presence in a good part of the world. Since the end of the 90s of the last century, there has been a very significant growth in this plague until it has become, today, one of the most serious problems that we can have in our homes and so Bed bug extermination in Lake Elsinore has become necessary.

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Let’s understand more about bed bugs:

Physical description:

From their birth to their death, they go through five nymphal stages until they reach maturity. The size of a bed bug varies from a scant 1mm in its first nymphal stage to 5mm in its adult stage. Mature specimens (and even nymphs and eggs) are visible to the naked eye.

Its adult morphology is characterized by a flat, oval body without wings (like a lentil or an apple pip). They have a broad head with antennae, prominent eyes, and three pairs of well-developed legs with claws for clinging to their host while feeding. Between the male and the female, we find some differences: the males have an asymmetrical abdomen while the females have it symmetrical and oval. The morphology remains very similar throughout its entire life cycle, so we can recognize a bed bug, following this description, regardless of its growth stage. And so, Pest control bedbugs in Lake Elsinore is important.

As for the color, there is an important variation according to the stage of growth. The youngest nymphs are transparent in color and change their color to the definitive dark brown of the adults. It is important to note that after ingesting blood all of them acquire a reddish color.


Bed bugs have a life expectancy that varies greatly depending on the outside temperature. In an environment at 10ºC, they can live for about a year and a half without feeding. In an environment close to 30ºC, their life expectancy is reduced to a maximum of three months without food.

The males inseminate the females with a system called traumatic insemination. This name comes from the perforation that the male makes in the female's abdomen, ejaculating inside her. This produces a significant wound in the female's abdomen.

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