Glass Jar factory We have over 23 years of experience in the glass and crystal products industry. We meet customer鈥檚 expectations and try to improve and expand our sales offer. We offer our products to individual customers and owners of various enterprises and public institutions. Product Introduction This set of jars is made of food- grade high- quality soda- lime glass, reflecting anything inside of the storage jar clearly. They seem just like being presented in front of your vision without any compartment! Product Parameter (Specification) Item NoMax Dia.(cm)Height(cm)Capacity(ml) 20S200-111.511.5600 20S200-211.5161000 20S200-311.5211500 20S200-411.526.52000 Production feature and application - Special Design: Combined with a cork and a straw plaited sleeve, this set of jars has a vintage style. - Wide Scope of Application: These jars allow you to preserving a variety of ingredients like flour, spices, tea and coffee beans, etc. You can also use them as a candy jar for storing sugars, biscuits and most snacks. Production details - The cork is shaped according to the mouth of the jars, preventing the air or moisture from getting through into the jars. After special treatment, the cork is fungus- resistant. A loop of leather is fastened onto the cork for decoration. - The sleeve is manually plaited from wicker, rattan, and so on. The braids are beautiful are neatly through the careful hand- weaving. - There are no sharp edges on the rim of the mouth, protecting your hands from hurting in your daily use. Product Qualification - Our Packing Line - Our Cooperative Clients Deliver, Shipping and Serving FAQ - Q: Can we get a sample before placing the order? - A: Yes, we can supply the free sample, but the shipping cost will be on your account. - Q: How about the broken products after receiving. - A: We can send you the more products in your repeat order, give you the 5% discount in future order and also can give you the 1:1 replacement. - Q: How many people in your R&D department? - A: We have 3 professional designers, and they will develop 5 innovative designs monthly.Glass Jar factory website: