Improve your shopify store's conversion rates by guiding customers to specific pages after they log in, log out, or sign up. With the Shopify Redirect After Login App, you can select a custom page, product, or link that users will be directed to after registering, logging in, or logging out. This allows you to direct your customers to a relevant and targeted page instead of the default "My Account" page. You can create multiple rules for different user groups to ensure they are directed to the appropriate page.

This app also allows for rules-based management, enabling you to apply rules to specific product collection pages. You have the option to redirect customers to various pages such as the home page, product collection page, or the last visited page. Additionally, you can redirect customers based on tags, whether they are a wholesaler or a vendor, and other criteria. Setting up rules is easy from the app's backend, and you can prioritize your redirect rules to ensure the most important pages are highlighted.