Laser hair removal is a commonly-practiced cosmetic procedure in the skincare industry. People were reluctant to do this procedure due to the uncertain outcomes. However, the latest technologies in this field have ensured safety at every step, and patients are more comfortable than before. However, laser hair removal might have minor side effects that you must be aware of. One of the common side effects is bruising after the procedure. How do you tackle that? This post will explain how to avoid bruising after laser hair removal. Keep scrolling to learn more!

Tips to avoid bruising after laser hair removal:

Laser hair removal involves the use of laser energy to damage hair follicles on your skin. The procedure will slow down or stop the hair growth in the treated area for a long time. While this cosmetic procedure is generally effective and safe, there are still chances that you will develop minor side effects. Your skin specialist will inform you about these side effects before the procedure. Bruising is a common condition that every patient develops after laser hair removal. The following list will reveal tips to avoid or reduce bruising in the treated area. Let us start!

1. Avoid sunlight exposure:

Laser hair removal can leave your treated body area with bruises. Your skincare specialist will advise you to stay home and avoid sunlight exposure. The reason is that exposure to sunlight will worsen the bruises, and your body will find it hard to heal. Besides sunlight exposure, you better avoid hot showers and any physical activities that could cause sweating. Since summer is here, you should sit in a cool room to quickly heal the bruises and return to normal activities.

Your specialist will advise you to stay home for at least 2-3 days. If the outer temperature is above 30 degrees, you should stay 3 days at home. However, one day's stay at home would be enough in a moderate temperature.

2. Take OTC painkillers:

Bruising can cause pain in the respective body area and may grow beyond your tolerance. You would prefer to call your skin specialist, but you can take over-the-counter OTC pain relievers like ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These medications will help you alleviate the timely pain associated with bruising and start feeling better in a while.

However, you better follow the recommended dosage on the package to avoid side effects. Do you want to remove unwanted body hair through an effective procedure? Consider Best laser hair removal Dubai as it is a painless and effective cosmetic procedure for hair removal.

3. Apply a cold compress:

Bruising will cause swelling and inflammation in the treated body area, but it is not a big deal. It is a common condition that everyone develops immediately after the session is completed. How about applying a bag of frozen peas or a cold pack wrapped in a towel to the affected area? It will instantly give you a better feeling. Your skin specialist will also recommend this home-based therapy for dealing with inflammation and swelling.

Apply the cold compress to the body part for at least 10 minutes. Once the area is cold, it will stop throbbing, giving you instant relief. Try applying cold peas to this body part several times a day till the area is healed completely.

4. Apply anti-inflammatory cream:

Besides applying a cold compress, you can also apply anti-inflammatory cream to the area with bruises. It will help you reduce the effects of bruising, like pain and swelling. Your skincare specialist will advise you to use this cream several times daily to feel relieved. However, don't overdose on it, as you may experience skin problems with this cream.

Patients often complain about the slow processing of medications and want instant pain relief. In that case, the anti-inflammatory cream will help more than anything.

5. Seek medical attention:

The tips we have read so far will surely work, but what if they don't? Some patients often develop serious side effects which require immediate medical attention. No OTC painkillers and anti-inflammatory creams will work on these patients. Seeing your doctor in these serious times will help you take control of the situation.

Bruising can lead to severe skin conditions which require proper medication and dosage. Never neglect complicated signs, as they will impact the laser outcomes. Do you want to remove unwanted body hair? You better opt for laser hair removal Dubai and let licensed professionals remove your hair using the latest technology!

Prepare for laser hair removal today!

Laser hair removal is probably the most effective yet safer technique to remove unwanted body hair. You have been using hair removal creams and other procedures, but none worked out. Why not give laser treatment a try? Contact professionally licensed laser specialists and let them do the procedure using the latest devices and technology! 

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