Mahindra OJA tractor is a 21 HP tractor with an 18 HP PTO, 2400 rpm, displacement CC of NA, 12 F + 12 R Gearbox, and other powerful features that make it one of the most popular and best-selling tractors. The renowned Indian tractor company Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd created and produced the Mahindra OJA tractor, a heavy-duty agricultural machine. The OJA tractor is specially made to satisfy the requirements of farmers who need strong equipment to manage their farming tasks successfully. The powerful engine of the Mahindra OJA tractor is one of its standout qualities. The tractor can handle even the most difficult field tasks because of its high-performance engine, which produces a lot of torque. This strong engine boosts the tractor's overall performance and productivity by guaranteeing that it has the power and traction to manage heavy loads and challenging terrains. The OJA tractor also has a solid and long-lasting construction. It is made from sturdy materials that can resist the demanding requirements of agricultural work. The tractor can operate in a variety of soil types and topographies thanks to the sturdy frame, which also offers good stability. The tractor also has good ground clearance, which makes it easy for it to move across rocky terrain. The sophisticated gearbox system of the Mahindra OJA tractor is another noteworthy aspect. The tractor has a number of gear selections that let the user choose the best speed for different activities. With more control over the tractor's operation due to its flexibility, efficiency is increased.